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The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

Do you think that dogs aren't the best pets for apartment dwellers? Think again. You see, a lot of people...
By Guest Author May 14, 2018

Seasonal Swap: How to Changeover Your Closet for the Summer

Many people are faced with the task of storing off-season items in different areas of their home, or in storage...

By Jamie Hord Jun 15, 2020

6 Easy Eco-Friendly Updates For Your Apartment

Following are a few tips on how to make eco-friendly updates for your apartment with minimal effort. And it does not...

By Sam Radbil Jun 09, 2020

DIY Your Own Board Game

Check out these ideas to DIY your own board game that will challenge your brain in new ways. They're fun...

By Kacey Bradley May 29, 2020

How to Clean Kitchen Appliances 

The place where you prepare your food can get downright grimy. Here's your guide to clean kitchen appliances.  Besides wiping...

By Kacey Bradley May 27, 2020

3 Steps To Easily Arrange Your Family Photos

Now that lockdown has restricted our ability to see our loved ones, you may find yourself missing your family. While you...

By Annie Button May 24, 2020

Portable Drills for Small DIY Projects

When it comes to small DIY urban projects, the type of portable drills at hand make all the difference. Get...

By Kyle Purdy Apr 30, 2020

Ways to Save Energy Costs This Month

If you are trying to save on energy costs, the main thing you need to focus on is reducing the...

By Ashley Lipman Apr 26, 2020

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklists

By Matt O'Dowd Apr 20, 2020

How to Organize Each Closet At Home

Organizing your closet space is essential for keeping your home tidy and clutter-free.  If you're trying to clean your house...

By Ashley Lipman Apr 15, 2020

An Easy Route to a Clean Bathtub

In your usual routine, you might not have had time for everything you wanted to do. You waited to run...

By Kacey Bradley Apr 10, 2020

7 Tips to Create the Perfect Workspace

During this time as we all work and study from home, deciding where and how you’ll set up your workspace...

By Jane Hurst Apr 02, 2020

Create A Comfortable Bedroom Space in 8 Steps

Sometimes the best part of a home is your bedroom. It's away from anyone else you live with and entirely...

By Kacey Bradley Feb 29, 2020
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