HEAN Pot Cradle is the best hanging planter for a tiny apartment.
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Pot Cradle: The Best Hanging Planter For Your Tiny Apartment

Pot Cradle: The Best Hanging Planter For Your Tiny Apartment Expand options

To all the plant owners out there, you’ll be happy to know that having plants in your home is scientifically proven to reduce your stress. So keep on planting.

But if you live in a tiny apartment, you know it’s not that simple. There’s always the tricky part of figuring out not just how, but also where you’re going to store those leafy beauties without taking up too much of your already limited space.

Here to save you from that predicament is Seoul-based design studio HEAN. Say what’s up to their giant tea-bag-resembling hanging planter, better known as the Pot Cradle.

Hang plants from ceiling with HEAN's black and white Pot Cradles.

Instead of sitting your plants on a flat surface like everyone else, Pot Cradle lets you stand out from the crowd by hanging your plants. Anywhere. On a wall hook, on a door knob, in front of your window so that they can daydream while photosynthesizing, and pretty much anywhere else that your botanical imagination decides to wander.

Hanging plants on a wall in a small apartment is easy with a hook and a Pot Cradle.

Hang a plant on a door thanks to Pot Cradle.

Use Pot Cradle to hang plants indoors on a closet door knob in a tiny apartment.

Pot Cradle lets you hang plants without holes and in front of a window in your studio apartment.

Simply adjust the Pot Cradle’s strings to your desired height, tie them to any hook or knob, and trust the plant storage’s soft material to cradle your pot and plant. Talking to your plants to help them grow better is all on you though.

A top view of a Pot Cradle that can also hang plants from a ceiling.

“My partner and I like plants a lot,” said Helen Yu, the Design Director at HEAN, when we asked what inspired them to create their clever plant storage solution. “Hanging plants saves space in a small apartment. And using Pot Cradle to dress up your plants makes them look more lively.”

The bad news: You can only buy this assembly-free hanging planter if you live in South Korea.

The good news: Helen told us that HEAN is working with several stores around the world to (hopefully) make your dreams of owning a Pot Cradle come true for only $17 each.

So if you want the freedom of easily storing your plants without taking up any floor, shelf, table, or window sill space in your apartment, cross your green thumbs and keep checking HEAN’s website for updates.

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