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How to Create Organizational Playtime Activities For Kids

How to Create Organizational Playtime Activities For Kids Expand options

Life gets messy, especially around the home. Organizational projects can become a family activity because they present a great learning opportunity for kids. Read on to learn how to create home organizational playtime activities for kids. They will use these experiences to grow into self-sufficient adults who know how to and enjoy organizing their belongings. 

1. Write a to-do list

One moment, your child wants to play with their dolls. The next moment, they’re coloring. Their minds race for the next chance to explore and create imaginary worlds, so kids won’t remember a verbal task list very well.

Instead of relying on memory, write a to-do list. Include short and simple organizational activities, like placing all matching shoes together on your shoe rack.

2. Break big projects into small ones

A child's hands arranging colorful candy on a wooden background.


Kids handle big tasks better when you break them down into smaller steps. It also shows them how to organize their time, which helps them as early as their grade school years.

Imagine that you need to restructure your pantry. Ask your kids to check all the expiration dates on the canned food, then the boxed food. They can also decorate wallpapered storage containers and write handwritten labels.

3. Use accessible materials

Storing extra blankets and sheets on shelves will make your dresser drawers much cleaner, but your kids won’t be able to reach them. Accessible organization will remain long after your family finishes each task on their to-do list. 

4. Consider your garage

Everyone can easily and quickly put their sports equipment away if you build a bungee cord storage container and position it lower on your garage wall. It only takes a second to slip tennis balls or basketballs through the bungee cords, so your kids get used to maintaining an organized household.

5. Make it colorful

Children engage in colorful activities. They jump at the chance to use their favorite markers because bright colors make them feel more comfortable and create a fun visual experience. After you create a list of your main organizational activities, assign jobs with each child’s favorite color. The chores won’t appear so intimidating when they have colorful designs.

6. Create a routine

Children rely on routines to provide a sense of security by explaining how their world works. The best organizational activities for kids will blend seamlessly into their existing routines. In addition to their regular chores, like brushing their teeth, ask them to do something simple like clean out their backpacks once a week.

Older kids can remember to put their coats back on the coat rack or refold throw blankets after using them in the TV room. When they remember to do these things, organizing will become a natural part of their routine.

Get their input

Two boys looking over a window.


As you think about how to create home organizing activities that children can partake in, don’t forget to get their input. When you decide on your next project, ask how they want to help. Even the smallest bit of participation by your youngest child will set them up for a lifetime of successful skills and lasting household organization.


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