How to Increase the Security of your Home

How to Increase the Security of your Home Expand options

The US government reported more than 5 million theft cases in 2019. The numbers declined compared to previous years. However, many of us still worry about burglary and break-in incidents. Let’s look at some ways to increase the security of your home.  

Security systems and cameras

Security Camera on the outdoos


Statistics show larceny-theft as the most common crime in the country. Thus, it pays to invest in an effective security system. These systems have improved over the years. So, you may have many options to choose from. Normally, the homeowner’s choice depends on function, budget and brand. It would also help to consider the needs of your house and neighborhood. Getting the right security system and cameras will definitely give you peace of mind.

To start with, the camera serves as a deterrent against burglars. If a break-in happens, you can get clear footage of the burglary. Besides, today’s sophisticated home solutions include the following features.

+ Fully automated

+Remotely controlled through mobile phones

+Night vision

+Motion detection via sensors

+Wi-Fi capability

+Weatherproof casing or covering for outdoor equipment

Don’t leave things outside that can be used to break in

Never leave things that intruders can use to get inside your house. Ladders are an invitation to thieves. Likewise, gardening and carpentry tools give burglars the means to easily force an entry. Also, tall trees and thick shrubs provide hiding places for crooks. You don’t have to cut them down. Just trim and reclaim the overgrown plants and tree branches. That way you’re not giving additional cover for criminals.

Find a safe place to store your valuables

Burglars will likely look first for the owner’s cash and valuables. Common targets are master bedroom, closets, drawers, medicine cabinets, toilet tank, and under mattresses. Avoid keeping your jewelry in these places. Instead, find a secret room or area inside the house. There you can install a safe for storing your money and valuables. The safe should be waterproof, heavy and fire-resistant. See to it robbers cannot take your safe away. Purchase a safe with two combination locks. See to it that nobody can’t destroy the vault with hammers or other tools.

Secure all doors and windows

An intruder will try to gain entry through open or unlocked windows and doors. The expert burglar can effortlessly pry open these entryways using crowbars. Or, break the glass window to reach in and unfasten the door or window. Install deadbolt locks to prevent them from doing this. Mount hinges of outside doors on the inside. Glass panes must be at least 40 inches away from the door’s locks. Another option is to choose a double-cylinder deadlock that you can unlock from the outside and inside. 

Inside and outside lighting

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Opt for motion sensor lights. These fixtures discourage potential intruders. Then, set up solar or LED lights along the walkway leading to your house. You may even add smart bulbs that turn on and off at random hours. These bulbs use wireless transmission in sending and receiving signals.


To deal with threats of burglaries, you need to take practical precautionary steps. This will ensure you and your loved ones avoid being victimized. More than losing your possessions, being violated inside your home leaves a very bad feeling. You’ll find it hard to get over this unfortunate incident for a long time.


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