How to Conquer the Spring To-Do List

How to Conquer the Spring To-Do List Expand options

Winter is almost behind us (finally). With that, we’re in prime cleaning seasons a.k.a spring. If you have big plans with your spring cleaning but are afraid you might not end up accomplishing the task, don’t fear. These tips will help you stay the course of your cleaning process and make it enjoyable along the way. 

Look at how you can make the perfect to-do list and actually stick with it.

Make a realistic list 

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Before you open the cleaning closet and bust out your gloves, consider your goals. The point of this step is to ensure that you make the right type of list and stick with it. Think about the results—what do you hope to get out of this? A list will be successful if you can visualize the results.

Dedicate time to each room

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If you want each room in your home to get a slight makeover, you need to dedicate time to it. Start with the easier spaces to tackle like maybe the living space. Then, ease yourself into the ones that tend to be more cluttered—kitchen pantries and bedroom closets. Make dedicated lists for each room to make it less overwhelming. 

Give yourself a timeline

While you’re creating the list, you’ll get a good sense of what needs sprucing up and what’s already in good shape. Assign an achievable timeline to be a part of the list. Allocating yourself time will help keep you on-schedule. 

Know your style

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Different people have different cleaning styles. If you spend a whole day cleaning you might not want to clean for the rest of the week. Or maybe you like to break down the process. That means, you’d rather tackle one corner at a time. Whatever you’re comfortable with, is something you should be mindful of while creating both your timeline and your list. 

Round up your squad

Get your roommates, family or even the tiny tots to participate. More hands will mean the task is tackled more quickly. And research shows that group activities have higher chances of completion. Or friends can sign up to help clean up for the season. 

Treat Yourself 

Whether you’re cleaning up by yourself or cleaning with a team, set some rewards along the way. This will help you stay motivated and also make the process more fun. For example, after completely decluttering and organizing the closet, order that meal you love or take 15 minutes of downtime to do what you wish. The rewards can vary from how intense the task completed is. 

Whichever reward you choose hold yourself accountable by setting an alarm to end break time and back to the grind. 

Store it

A lot of the cleaning will include decluttering. But, decluttering shouldn’t mean throwing away the things you’ve thoughtfully collected. Even if these things don’t particularly ignite joy now, they might in the future or you would regret throwing them away for emotional associations. For such beloved belongings, use a full-service solution like MakeSpace. They pick up, store and deliver your stuff back when you need it. It’s storage without the struggle. 

Tackle That List With Ease

With a strong list, you can navigate this process with ease. Spring is a great time to give your home a refresh. This will leave you feeling just as refreshed as well. 

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