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How to Soundproof your Apartment

How to Soundproof your Apartment Expand options

Living in an apartment versus a home has its pros and cons. You can call a maintenance team to unclog your toilet, but you might also battle noise issues with your neighbors. Whether you’re worried about playing instruments too loudly or want to block out your neighbor’s TV, anyone can learn how to soundproof your apartment.

Don’t worry about drilling into your wall or potentially creating damages that break your lease. Soundproofing doesn’t require major renovations. All you need are a few of these tips and a little time to adjust your living space.

1. Hang blankets

Sound easily bounces off bare floors and walls. It amplifies any noise, which explains why units with hardwood floors are more likely to have sound issues. Hanging blankets on your walls creates a barrier. The cotton absorbs noise coming into or out of your home so it’s easier on the ears. If you don’t want to use nails, hold up your blankets with thumbtacks instead.

2. Build a few bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves in a living room


Hanging blankets might not be your style. You can also build a few bookshelves to act as a sound barrier and match your interior design. They’ll prevent noise from entering or exiting your apartment as easily and give you more storage space. It’s a win-win solution, especially for anyone who wishes they had more places to put decor or family keepsakes.

3. Consider acoustic flooring

If your downstairs neighbors knock on your door or tell your property manager that your footsteps are way too loud, you might benefit from acoustic flooring. Vinyl tiles or sheets roll over hardwood or cement floors and block sound transmission with their layered design. They also don’t require an adhesive application, so you won’t have to pay for floor damage when you move out.

4. Hang new curtains

Outdoor noise like traffic or construction can be equally as annoying as loud neighbors. Block these sounds by hanging new curtains. Find panels with double layers or fabric that absorbs sound like wool or velvet fibers in shades that match your home’s interior design. They’ll shield your home from outdoor noise that would typically slip through thin window glass.

5. Invest in new rugs

A gray couch with an area rug


Rugs are an excellent solution for specific spaces where your footsteps may bother your neighbors. Every home has high-traffic areas where people are more likely to walk. You likely only walk in certain spots in your hallways, kitchen and bathrooms.

Lay rugs in these spots to dampen the impact of your footsteps. Your neighbors will appreciate it and you’ll maintain your floor quality in every room.

Talk to your landlord

You can always talk to your landlord if you’re confused about how to soundproof your apartment. Discuss how you’re interested in hanging blankets or laying down vinyl floors. They’ll point out anything that might break your lease and note that you’re trying to mitigate any sound issues with the people sharing your walls. 


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