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Clutter’s Smart Storage is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable storage solution in the San Fernando area.
In under 2 minutes!
Whether you want more livable space or just want to makespace, Clutter is your best bet. We've proudly served the residents of San Fernando Valley since 2013, and are passionate about customer service. How does Clutter work? Our team of professional movers will come to you, pack your things, then transport them to our facility on your behalf. When you need something back, simply schedule a return and we'll deliver it. It gets better: we'll photograph each item you're storing and create a digital inventory you can access 24/7, so you never forget what's in storage. You'll be amazed at the difference having a sparefoot makes! Just moved to the Valley? We'll help you get acquainted with the area! We recommend using realtor Elizabeth Marquart to help you find your dream home. As soon as you find a home, submit a Change of Address by stopping by the local post office (go to the one that's a block off of the 405 on the corner of Haskell Avenue and Sherman Way). Once you're settled in, grab a bite at locals' favorite restaurant, CiCi's. And when it comes to fun, look no further than the Universal Studios Hollywood, a film studio that doubles as an amusement park with television and movie-themed rides. You'll know you're a bonafide local once you know where Sushi Row is. Our friendly team of storage experts is standing by, ready to get you the cheapest store rate possible. Give us a call!

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Thousands of satisfied customers

This is our first time using Clutter and our experience has been amazing! It was so easy to select the size of our storage unit and estimate how many boxes/items we need to put in storage. The main reason why we chose Clutter is because they send someone to come pack our items and put everything in storage for us! Anthony A. and Denzel R. arrived early and immediately walked me through the packing and storing process. We ended up selecting a larger unit than what we needed and they were very honest with the fact that we could probably downsize to a smaller unit for our items.
Amy T.
San Fernando
All my 101 items from a 10x10 public storage were photographed and bar coded and available online for me to view! I have dealt with multiple international professional moving company & their storage warehouse in the past and I have never heard of or seen this online viewing novelty. One month ago I never even heard of Clutter but given this incredible experience I want everyone to know about Clutter and wish you a happy & smooth move.
Max G.
San Fernando
This was my first time using the Clutter service and I am so very happy! Javier (lead) and Adrian were awesome. They were efficient and packed our furniture carefully and they had all of the supplies needed. And all of the packing/wrapping cane at no extra charge. As for the Clutter service, in general, I am impressed for the additional reasons: -easy-to-use online too to post the inventory (and make updates) -direct phone call 3 days before from a member of the Clutter team to confirm my understanding of everything as well as advise me that my inventory required a smaller space plan and they moved me to that new plan, saving us money -Day-of communications: I first received a text telling me that I was job #2 and showed me on a map where the team was working, it then told me that the team was in their way and showed me their progress so I could make sure I was outside to meet them -plan size update - As Javier was finishing the "paperwork" on his smartphone, he advised that our stuff would fit a smaller plan and that they were moving us there and thus saving us more money. Amazing! -photos of everything: photos were taken of the box contents and our furniture for future reference and optional return of one item if needed I am so incredibly happy with the Clutter service! I wilk be recommending them to my friends and family for their storage needs.
Jacqueline S.
San Fernando

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