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Clutter Moving is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable moving solution in the Clinton Hill area.
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Thousands of satisfied customers

Not only was I able to book my appointment last minute for a local move, it was also very affordable. These guys were awesome. Loaded and unloaded the truck in a quick time frame especially being that there was a long distance to walk at both places. Professional and took care of my belongings.
Rachel B.
Clinton Hill
Daniel and his team were amazing. They arrived ahead of schedule and followed all of the pre-move protocols I reviewed on the website. Everyone was pleasant and curtious. The excerised great care when handling the items to be moved as well as assisted in boxing up additional items I didn't have a chance to box. Communication was awesome through out the move, they asked questions as well as gave me updates. I would definitely use their services and recommend them to my family and friends.
Al A.
Clinton Hill
Ramel and Lyandro were the lifesavers that moved me from one apartment in New York City to another!!!! I work two full time jobs as a registered nurse and found it very difficult to get everything packed and ready to move. Not only did Ramel and Lyandro show up early and enthusiastic, they packed up majority of my apartment and moved everything quickly and efficiently. None of my items were lost or damaged in the process. I would absolutely recommend these two and this company to anyone moving!!!
Christian C.
Clinton Hill

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