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"Made storing our belongings so simple. Next level sh*t. Worth a Google."
- Neil Patrick Harris
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"A business that stashes clothes, bikes and furniture for people tight on space doesn't sound like much of a tech company. But that hasn't stopped one of Silicon Valley's top venture capital firms from investing in a Los Angeles storage start-up. Clutter Inc. has movers pack people's belongings and then haul them to a storage facility until they're needed. It doesn't bring in a huge number of customers, but the ones who do sign up pay a couple of hundred dollars a month and remain customers for a long time, said Omar Hamoui, a partner at Sequoia Capital. That helps explain why Hamoui's firm recently invested $20 million in Clutter, just six months after leading a $9-million infusion for the company."

"In the midst of exponential growth and expansion, Clutter has raised another $20 million from Sequoia Capital. The Series B round comes just six months after its Sequoia-led $9 million Series A in October 2015. The Culver City, Calif., startup has now raised more than $32 million. Dubbed the "Uber for storage," Clutter deploys professional movers to pick up , photograph and pack users’ items and deliver them to a secure facility. When users want their stuff back, they select the desired items from their online visual inventory, and Clutter returns them their doorstep within 48 hours."

"Amidst a funding slow down, a company that takes care of storing your stuff has raised money for the second time in five months. And the entire deal only took nine days to close, says its cofounder and CMO Ari Mir. Los Angeles-based on-demand storage startup Clutter is announcing a $20 million Series B round led by Sequoia. The venture capital firm had led its $9 million Series A in October, just five months before."

"Renting storage units from businesses like Public Storage and Extra Space Storage is routine for people who have too much stuff. To lug the heaviest items inside, they must often hire movers. Silicon Valley investment firm Sequoia Capital is betting big that Clutter will change this reality, which has largely remained unchanged for decades. The firm is putting $20 million in Series B funding into Clutter, only six months after it led that company’s $9 million Series A funding."

"Clutter, the on-demand storage space looking to take on the likes of MakeSpace, has today announced the close of a $20 million Series B round led by Sequoia Capital. Sequoia also led a $9 million Series A for Clutter back in October."

"While many startups have tried to pack life up into boxes, Clutter quickly realized that storing objects didn't mean finding the right box. Instead, Clutter's approach is to use trained movers to move objects from your house and into storage — and to accept objects of all sizes. The items are photographed and put in an online catalog as they're whisked away to a storage facility. When a customer needs their winter clothes back, it's as easy as a few taps in an app to select them to be returned to you."



The Real Life Storage Wars

"When we started looking at this industry, we understood the need for storage; we just didn’t understand why the experience was so poor," says Clutter co-founder Ari Mir. So the California company hired movers to help customers pack, photograph, and transport their belongings. Sixty percent of storage customers live in 25 U.S. metropolitan areas, says Mir, and his company is focusing on those markets."

"Are you one of the unfortunate folks who have had to clear out of Porter Ranch due to the giant natural gas leak? Los Angeles-based on-demand, self storage service Clutter said Thursday that it will offer up three months of storage to residents have have been asked to evacuate during the methane leak disaster."

"Just a few days into 2016, we suggest you start Clutter-ing. The on-demand, self-storage biz, available in SF and the Bay Area entire, leaves you nary an excuse to continue living in hoarder-like environs. (We know, we know, you live in a small apartment.) Here's the deal: No car? No problem. Don't feel like packing? Don't have to. Want access to your things without spending hours rifling through boxes? Piece of cake. See, the LA-based company has this convenient, self-storage thing down pat."

"Clutter, the storage service that uses professional movers to load and unload your stuff, has today announced the close of a $9 million in Series A funding, led by Sequoia. As a part of the deal, Sequoia partner Omar Hamoui, who led the round, is joining the Clutter board."

"Clutter’s mobile-optimized website allows users to have items picked up, packed if need be, and delivered to and from self-storage on-demand, or within 48 hours. The company employs movers, packers and drivers on staff, instead of relying on freelance laborers. [. . .] This approach allows the startup to avoid the high overhead expenditures of traditional self-storage businesses, such as Public Storage Inc. or Extra Space Storage Inc."

"Your life doesn't fit in a box. The hard thing to do is to move an eight-piece sectional couch or a marble table,' Mir said. 'We pride ourselves on not necessarily doing what's easiest for us, but with the goal of what's the most convenient service for the customer."

"Clutter, the on-demand storage service based out of Los Angeles, has today announced that it has expanded its offering to cover all of the San Francisco Bay Area. The company also announced that it has raised an additional $1.3 million in funding, bringing total funding to $3.3 million."

"A new wave of start-ups is trying to bring the convenient user experience popularized by companies such as Uber and Airbnb to the unglamorous world of moving and storage."

"'Over time you don’t even realize how much stuff you accumulate,' she explained. 'That’s the situation for me. I heard about this new company by the name of Clutter that was in the Los Angeles area that was moving down to the Orange County area. It is something that no other storage unit offers.'"

"Valley Girl Show host, Jesse Draper, interviews Founder of, Brian Thomas. #FullServiceStorage"