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6 Wintery Things to Stow Away 

6 Wintery Things to Stow Away  Expand options

It’s the time of year when we prepare for outdoor living, backyard activities, hot afternoons and late nights. It also means saying bye (for now) to winter and all the things associated with it.

For many, preparing for spring starts with purging out closets, decluttering houses and clearing out garages. By putting off-season items into storage, we can make space for everything that warmish weather brings without being swamped by winter ‘stuff’.

Make sure you are getting the right size unit – not too big, not too small – for your needs and budget. A, affordable solution in NYC is the MakeSpace Seasonal Closet. Store winter stuff during summer, and swap when seasons change. 

This need not be a chore – far from it, everyone in the home can lend a helping hand. “Making it into a family activity will absolutely make the workload less of a load. It will make the activity pass much quicker,” explains this property adviser in a recent blog on decluttering. “Everyone should have their own area to work in for maximum efficiency, and also to avoid any distractions.”

Here’s our recommended list for seasonal storage items:

1. Winter Wear

sweaters hanging in a closet


Go through your winter clothes and purge items in your closet that are no longer needed. Remove anything from the pockets and ensure garments are clean. Folded clothes store better because stretching is minimized. Take care with special materials such as wool, which should be stored in a breathable garment bag or box, ideally with cedar blocks to keep moths and insects away. 

2. Winter Footwear 

Leather items should be cleaned and treated with conditioning oil to prevent drying and cracking. Boots and ice skates will accumulate moisture during wear, so make sure the liners and insoles are removed and the shells wiped down and dried. Boots should be stored laced up or fastened so that they retain their shape.

3. Winter Sports Gear 

Prior to storage, clean skis and snowboards, sharpen or sand the edges and apply fresh wax to prevent drying out. Store equipment in their bags or in sheets to protect against dust, rust and warping. Make sure that your winter sports equipment is stored upright and on a soft surface such as a piece of carpet.

4.  Holiday Decor

Holiday wreaths agaist a white background


Untangle and wrap Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard or use cable ties to hold them together, store Christmas wreaths in a sturdy box and artificial Christmas trees in a tree storage bag. Delicate tree decorations and ornaments should be carefully wrapped individually inside egg cartons or special storage boxes.

5. Winter Equipment 

Ensure all seasonal home equipment and winter tools are clean and dry before putting them into storage. Ideally, keep them in their boxes, so they’re easy to identify and property protected against any damage.

6. Winter tires and Snow Tires

Winter tires on concrete


Clean your tires before storage so that prolonged exposure to gunk and grime doesn’t harm them. Tire storage bags are available that protect them from naturally occurring ozone in the air that can cause the rubber to dry out or even crack.

A full-service storage, like MakeSpace can be the perfect solution, freeing up much needed space in closets, garage and other areas in your home during the warmer months. an offsite closet for your off-season items can go a long way in adding space and joy to a home. 


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