Decor That Works All Year

As the seasons change, your home may start to reflect the weather outside. And, your decor can transition seamlessly from...
By Kacey Bradley Mar 22, 2020

5 Tips to Prepare Your Finances When Buying a Home

Buying a new home can be intimidating. There are tons of houses to see and paperwork to file but first,...

By Angela Chao Jun 30, 2022

12 At-Home Spring Activities to Boost Your Mood

Spring is here and, with warm weather on the horizon, it’s finally time to crawl out of hibernation and embrace...

By Cora Gold Apr 30, 2021

The Dangers of Dirty Carpets – Germs, Mold, Bacteria

Did you know your carpet can negatively affect your health? Between germs, mold and bacteria, carpeted surfaces serve as the...

By Cora Gold Apr 28, 2021

How to Design a Home that Exudes Peace and Calm

Home is not just where the heart is. Ideally, it’s that one space in our lives that can provide the...

By Holly Schaeffer Mar 25, 2021

How to Talk About Mental Health With Your Kids

Parents always say that their kids can come to them for help, but that doesn’t always happen. Children sometimes don’t...

By Cora Gold Mar 17, 2021

How to Make Space for Self-Care

Life is full of responsibilities that can distract you from taking care of yourself. Stepping back and taking a deep...

By Cora Gold Feb 14, 2021

The Hottest Home Decor Trends This Year

Home decor trends come and go, but they’re exciting to learn about. Even if you aren’t planning a big remodel...

By Cora Gold Feb 03, 2021

5 Simple Ways To Bring Hygge Into Your Home

Let’s talk about a word(everybody’s talking about) that’s challenging to pronounce Hygge! Pronounced as "hue-gah”, interestingly, a Danish word Hygge...

By Karen Lopez Feb 01, 2021

How to Soundproof your Apartment

Living in an apartment versus a home has its pros and cons. You can call a maintenance team to unclog...

By Cora Gold Jan 28, 2021

How Modern Technologies Changed our Homes

Although the visions of the futuristic worlds as seen in movies and TV shows are still to come, improvements can...

By John Peterson Jan 05, 2021

A Home Maintenance Checklist Before the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and you might need to fix up your house a bit before the...

By Kacey Bradley Dec 18, 2020

How to Make Space for Your Growing Family

If you have an older family member joining you in your home there are many advantages to such an addition....

By Kacey Bradley Dec 10, 2020
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