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The Dangers of Dirty Carpets – Germs, Mold, Bacteria

The Dangers of Dirty Carpets – Germs, Mold, Bacteria Expand options

Did you know your carpet can negatively affect your health? Between germs, mold and bacteria, carpeted surfaces serve as the perfect spot for harmful particles. It’s key for homeowners to know the potential impacts so they take steps to keep their carpets sanitized and clean.

Here’s a look at how a dirty carpet can create an unsafe environment for you and your family.


Health Issues Caused by Particles in Carpets

Everything from dead skin to pet hair becomes caught in carpet fibers. That’s simply what happens when you and your dogs and cats walk throughout your home every day. Plus, as mold spores and dust mites move in the air, your carpets quickly accumulate toxins. It’s not a surprise then that houses with carpeted floors often have diminished indoor air qualities as a result.

If you neglect cleaning your carpet for long enough, you can experience significant effects from the various trapped particles. These conditions range from short-term to long-term health conditions. Check out a few wellness problems caused by dirty carpets.

1. Allergies

Those with allergies usually won’t be comfortable in homes with dirty carpets. Among indoor allergens, mold spores and dust mites tend to be the most common for adults and children. These triggers cause various symptoms, including sneezing and coughing, which typically pop up a few hours after you vacuum.

2. Stomach Bugs

Unfortunately, you may be more prone to stomach bugs when your carpet isn’t clean. That’s due to mold, which produces compounds called mycotoxins that may eventually cause stomach bugs. If you start experiencing more stomach sensitivity than usual, you might want to take a look at how your carpet could be affecting you. 

3. Respiratory Conditions

Plus, respiratory conditions can be a problem. Because the particles in carpets often become airborne, usually after vacuuming and walking, homeowners might experience breathing issues. If you’re already susceptible to lung conditions like asthma, you’ll be more at risk.


How to Ensure Carpets Remain in Good Condition

Keep in mind that just vacuuming won’t do you any favors. It’s a good start to include vacuuming in your weekly household cleaning, as that’s the best way to remove dirt and particle buildup in general. However, you need to consider additional methods to ensure your indoor environment remains a safe and healthy place. That’s crucial when children and pets are involved.

Aside from vacuuming, you should deep clean your carpet about every 12 months. This effort will keep toxic particles at bay so your household doesn’t experience any adverse health conditions. If you invest in a professional cleaning service yearly, you can rest assured germs, mold and bacteria won’t be an issue.


Keep Your Carpets Spotless to Avoid Health Issues

A dirty carpet isn’t just gross. It’s an issue that can directly impact your family’s health, which means you need to ensure you don’t neglect cleaning them. With a weekly vacuuming schedule and a yearly deep clean, conditions like stomach illnesses and respiratory issues won’t be a problem. Instead, you and your family will enjoy an ideal home environment.


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