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How to Design a Home that Exudes Peace and Calm

How to Design a Home that Exudes Peace and Calm Expand options

Home is not just where the heart is. Ideally, it’s that one space in our lives that can provide the peace and comfort we need after a long day. You don’t need to turn it into a Zen garden for it to imbue the spirit of relaxation. Here are five ways to design a home that exudes peace and calm.  

Let There Be (Natural) Light 

Two candles with a few plants in the background


The way your home is lit can significantly impact how relaxed or wound up you feel in it. Harsh artificial lights make spaces feel much more impersonal, while natural light always makes for a more soothing experience. Try to allow in as much sunshine as possible. And for the days when there is no sunshine to speak of, place scented candles around your home for a dimmer and more meditative vibe.

Bring some nature indoors 

Modern faux plants are often so well-made that you can’t tell them apart from the real thing, but having a living plant is still the better choice. Greenery has a soothing effect on our minds and bodies, so why not find a plant buddy to share your space with? There are houseplants that truly require minimal effort, so you won’t have to worry too much about keeping them alive, and they’ll brighten up your space. The living room, office space, and kitchen are ideal homes for your new plants. Your bedroom and a small bathroom might do better without them.

Your nightly sanctuary 

The one piece of furniture you especially want to be restorative is your bed. After all, if you can’t get enough decent sleep, all the calming tips and tricks in the world won’t be able to make up for it. Make sure you choose a mattress size that you’re truly comfortable with. People often make the mistake of believing something far slimmer will be enough space, and then end up sleeping on the edge night after night. 

Declutter often 

The more items you have in your home (including everything down from your largest furniture pieces to the knick-knacks that decorate your shelves), the less calm the space is likely to be. Your eyes and mind will be distracted by the sheer volume of things, and you might find yourself a bit restless and stressed out. Even if you don’t want to adopt minimalism as a lifestyle, try to declutter every area of your home every so often (depending on how much new stuff you keep introducing into the space). Marie Kondo, of course, can help you get rid of the items you no longer use or love.

Play some music 

Gramophone with a lamp


Finally, you might want to consider a speaker system throughout the home. Or, you can use a set of portable bluetooth speakers that you can easily transport from room to room.You don’t have to play meditation music by any means. In fact, you can blast your favorite dance floor chart and dance around the place. Peace and calm don’t always just include rest and relaxation – sometimes you need to get your groove on to feel calmer! 


Hopefully, these simple tips will help you reorganize your home so that it feels more calm and peaceful. Let us know how you get on with the task and how you’re enjoying your new space!

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