A Gift Guide–30 Smart Home Products

A Gift Guide–30 Smart Home Products Expand options

Our everyday living, has been upgraded by the smartness of smart technologies. Here’s a list of 30 insanely smart home products that make great gifts–for yourself or for a loved one.


1. Amazon Echo Dot

Use voice to control a hub that connects all smart devices.

2. Bosch Interactive Projection Module

Turn any surface into a touchscreen and transform a regular closet into a smart one.

3. Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock

Wake up more gently, listen to music, charge your smartphone, and stream shows and movies.

4. Ecobee SmartThermostat

Control your heating and air conditioning using an app or your own voice. 

5. Nest Protector

A great stylish smoke detector.

6. Ring Door View Camera

A front door peephole powered with a motion detector.

7. Sierra Modern Home Smart Humidifier

A diffuser that can also control the color, mist intensity, timer settings, scheduling, and more. 

8. Logitech Harmony Remote Control

Manage your smart TV, media systems and even other Wi-Fi-enabled smart home kits. 

9. KitchenAid Smart Display

Watch YouTube, make video calls, and control your smart home gadgets using your voice.

10. iKettle, 3rd Generation

Hot beverages happen on your schedule with this iKettle. 

11. Trifo Max Vacuum Cleaner

A security system and a vacuum cleaner, all in one.

12. Withings Sleep Tracker

Track the quality of your slumber and get suggested improvements on your fitness trackers or phone apps.

13. Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock

Enter your home using your smartphone: wave your handset close to the lock and the door will open. 

14. PetSafe Smart Automatic Feeder

Feed your pet from anywhere: Schedule feedings and customize settings.

15. IKEA & Sonos Speakers

 Ditch the messy, entangled cords with these IKEA and Sonos’ speakers.

16. IKEA Smart Shades

Recharge your smart home shades that come with an integrated lithium-ion battery pack.

17. PiCO Home Air Quality Monitor

Track the quality of air in your space and get personalized recommendations.

18. Kohler Sensate Smart Sink Faucet

Use voice to turn the water on or off and customize the amount this smart faucet lets out.

19. Herbitat Hydroponic Indoor Garden

Watch your plants grow without the mess.

20. Eve Energy Strip Outlet

Use the Eve app or Siri to turn each of the three outlets on or off.

21. SILENO Robotic Lawnmower

Save time and effort by using the silent GARDENA Smart SILENO City.

22. iKuddle Litter Box

This self-cleaning solution automatically detects when the litter was used. 

23. Tivoli Smart Music System

Test this powerful speaker packed in the mid-century modern design, supporting a full-range stereo.

24. Remootio Smart Garage Door Opener

This recommendation of the  Essay Shark reviews  controls your garage door from a smartphone.  

25. Atmoph Smart Window

Change your view whenever you want to with the Atmoph Window 2 Smart Window 27-inch display.

26. Lexi Smart Lighting

Light your space any way you like, whenever you like with this nifty product.

27. Mui Interactive Wooden Panel

Enjoy this swipeable smart home control hub made of natural wood.

28. Mevo Event Video Camera

Transform your iPhone into a personal video editing suite with this 150-degree wide-angle lens camera.

29. Juno Smart Makeup Mirror

Apply makeup easily during the day or night, indoors or outdoors.

30. Amazon Echo Wall Clock

A smart clock that automatically updates the time according to daylight saving time.



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