medicine cabinet magnetic strip storage hack from tesco living
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5 Cheap And Easy Storage Hacks For A Perfectly Organized Home

5 Cheap And Easy Storage Hacks For A Perfectly Organized Home Expand options

For most of us, finding things when we need them is a daily struggle. One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is looking for something you could have sworn you put right there just a minute ago.

While Chipolo (your personal remote-key-wallet-and-other-items-you-hate-losing finder) is always on, singing its song to help you save precious time, staying organized can go a long way, too.

Finding the perfect spot for something means it will be out of the way and less likely to be hiding your keys from you.

Here are five low-budget items that will blow your mind with their organizational power. As an added bonus, you can find them in almost any corner store.

1. A magnetic strip for storing beauty supplies

medicine cabinet magnetic strip storage hack from tesco living
Tesco Living

By now you’ve probably heard of using a magnetic strip for bobby pins, but it works just as well with other bathroom supplies. Stick it to a drawer’s side and never rummage around for your nail clippers again, and always keep your tweezers on hand.

Outside of the bathroom, add it to your kitchen as a spice rack or a mounted knife holder. Use it in your garage to organize nails and small tools.

2. A hanging fruit basket for levitating bath toys

hanging fruit basket shower caddy from 8footsix

Traditionally used for fruit and flowers, the hanging basket just got upgraded to one of our favorite storage hacks.

If your bathroom is lacking in shelves, hang a basket from your shower curtain rod to keep your bath accessories or bath toys high and dry. Or hang it from your clothing rack and use it for belts, caps, scarves, your winter wear, and accessories.

3. A magazine holder for organizing cans

magazine holder can storage from Pamela Stephens and PB&Jstories
Pamela Stephens and PB&Jstories

With its multitude of uses, you’ll quickly realize one magazine holder is just not enough. Attach it to the inside of your bathroom cupboard and use it to hold hair tools, cleaning products, or toilet paper. It’s also a great helper in the kitchen, holding cutting boards, lids, shopping bags, and canned goods.

4. Shower curtain rings for holding purses

diy purse hangers made from shower curtain hooks by home made by carmona
Home Made By Carmona

Tell your other organization tools to hit the showers, because the possibilities with shower curtain rings are endless.

Hang them from your closet rod and use them for your accessories like purses, belts, or scarves, or put a few on a hanger and use them to hang your tank tops.

Closet space is precious, and who likes folding anyway?

5. Tension rods for hanging cleaning products

under sink tension rod from home and life tips
Home And Life Tips

Super adjustable and able to fit between any two vertical surfaces, tension rods won’t leave you hanging when it comes to quick storage. But they will organize any item that can be hung.

You can use them in your hallway to hang shoes or under the bathroom sink to corral green cleaning products.

Any of the above storage hacks will help you organize your home better, but sometimes, a little decluttering can go a long way too.Not sure what to do with your winter stuff in the summer? Or your camping and sporting gear?

Not sure what to do with your winter stuff in the summer? Or your camping and sporting gear?

Here’s an idea:

Have someone else worry about that.

Like the people at MakeSpace — they figured out that your time is as precious as your space and are willing to make that extra step to save you both.

Not only do they pick up your things and store them, they also provide an online catalogue of what you stored, so you don’t have to rummage around looking for it.

And the best part? When you need something back from storage, they’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

A storage hack on a whole new level!

This article was written by Chipolo, a slim and colorful device that helps you find your belongings by sound, see them on a map, or use community search to recover lost items.

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