Chelsa-Crowley uses MakeSpace for convenient NYC storage.
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Chelsa Crowley is New York cool. The young fashionista got her start as a makeup artist before moving in-house at Estée Lauder. At this point, she’s worked for everyone from Calvin Klein to Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Recently, Chelsa began making plans to launch her own beauty brand, Stowaway Cosmetics, so stay tuned!

Hungry for inspiration, Chelsa makes the most of all that New York City has to offer. Now that the weather is finally warming up, Chelsa can be found cruising around the East Village on her bright blue, vintage Schwinn. In the winter, she loves to hit the slopes at nearby mountains like Hunter or Mohawk, and she can’t wait to start perfecting her serve on the courts at Tompkins Square Park this summer.

Chelsa’s MakeSpace is so varied it’s hard to know where to start. Now that spring is here, she’s stashed her snowboard and winter gear, and when it gets a little warmer, she’ll order back her tennis gear. Chelsa also stored her wedding shoes, because while she’d never get rid of them, the extra closet space couldn’t hurt.

Take a look in Chelsa Crowley’s MakeSpace bin above!

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