The MakeSpace NYC storage bin of Joshua Brueckner, the founder of SKINNYFATTIES
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Featured User: Joshua Brueckner Of SKINNYFATTIES

Featured User: Joshua Brueckner Of SKINNYFATTIES Expand options

If you haven’t heard of Joshua Brueckner’s company SKINNYFATTIES yet, it’s only a matter of time! SKINNYFATTIES alters standard wide ties to make them thinner and more fashionable. They also create custom ties from whatever fabric you provide.

Joshua recently launched a stunning line of limited edition SKINNYFATTIES originals too. The young entrepreneur has been featured on tons of fashion blogs and even made a TV appearance on CBS This Morning! His custom-tailored ties are turning heads and making buzz in New York City and beyond.

Joshua’s business has been growing quickly, and he recently found himself in need of a space to store extra fabrics, tools, and materials. Initially, he looked into renting a self-storage unit, but after discovering how far away and expensive they were, he realized he would be spending too much of his time schlepping materials back and forth from the warehouse to his office.

That’s when he discovered MakeSpace. Using our “schlep-free” storage service, Joshua can store everything that he doesn’t need on hand to maximize space in his office and then order bins from us as he needs them. Our friendly upload team does all the heavy lifting, so Joshua can focus on the task-at-hand; making his small business grow.

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