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How to Include Disinfecting in Your Daily Cleaning

How to Include Disinfecting in Your Daily Cleaning Expand options

Due to COVID-19, it’s become even more important to clean your house thoroughly. That concern has become amplified since flu season started. Therefore, it’s vital to incorporate a few disinfecting tricks into your daily cleaning routine. Take a look at how to you can include disinfecting in your daily cleaning. 

Difference between disinfecting and sanitizing

There’s a key difference between disinfecting and sanitizing. The latter process only reduces bacteria presence. That means you’ll still have to deal with those particles. Instead, it’s better to use disinfectants to eradicate germs completely. Keep in mind that you should thoroughly clean surfaces before you disinfect them. Otherwise, you’ll still have to handle grime and muck that your disinfectant won’t tackle. Here are a few tricks for disinfecting correctly.

1. Remove stains first 

An overhead view of a vacuum on a carpet


This mainly applies to fabric or carpeted surfaces, as your countertops can’t really stain. But, if you plan to disinfect a rug or a chair, you need to clean beforehand. Plus, a “bare” surface will allow your products to work more efficiently. Therefore, you should make an effort to eliminate any and all stains prior. Then, you can vacuum thoroughly to further prepare for your disinfectant spray.

2. Keep wipes by high-traffic areas

You and your family touch multiple surfaces daily. Think doorknobs, cabinet pulls, keyboards, remotes, light switches and faucets. These areas become infested with germs that lead to colds and other illnesses. It’s important to have disinfecting wipes nearby so that you can quickly wipe down each area when needed. Keep a container of wipes in an accessible cabinet. 

3. Keep other disinfectants handy 

Like with wipes, you need to ensure your other products are easily accessible. This way, you can instantly disinfect surfaces as a part of your routine. A quick wipe down on your kitchen countertops followed by your chosen disinfectant won’t take more than five minutes. You can make your life easier when you organize supplies under cabinets appropriately. You want to be able to reach into your stash and find the appropriate cleaner. As a result, your daily cleaning routine with added disinfecting won’t feel like such a chore.

4. Protect your hands with gloves

A pair of hands in blue gloves spraying disinfectant on a countertop.


You’ll find that disinfectants are particularly harsh. Therefore, you need to protect yourself. Be sure to keep rubber gloves readily available for you to use. Your hands should be covered when you spray or wipe areas with disinfecting products. Remember to wash your hands when you’ve finished, too. You don’t want any remnants to make their way to your eyes or mouth. These products are rather toxic.

Use these tips to make daily disinfecting simpler

It’s essential to make sure your household stays protected from bacteria and viruses. An effort to disinfect your house daily will ensure that everyone is as healthy as possible. 


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