How to Transform Your Space with 3 Easy Home Decor Ideas

How to Transform Your Space with 3 Easy Home Decor Ideas Expand options

So, some time has passed since you’ve last decorated your living space, and now you’re searching for new ideas and inspiration to bring a new twist to your home. 

Redecorating your house or apartment is always an exciting journey, so we’ve prepared a few recommendations you might find helpful and interesting. Our top tips are relatively budget-friendly and don’t involve significant changes – you can easily remove them if they don’t look good in your interior. 

So, let’s see what we’ve got. 

Add a Garden Wall to Make Your Living Room More Colorful

Bringing in color can make any living space much livelier, but what if you don’t want to paint or commit to new brightly colored furniture? Introducing – Plants! Having plants can quickly transform your apartment or house into an oasis and has a few science-backed benefits:

1. Reduced stress levels

2. Better attention span

3. Therapeutic effect

4. Faster recovery from an illness

5. Increased productivity

6. Improved quality of indoor air

If you’re limited in available spaces, we recommend adding little plants and setting them in the corners or surfaces in your living room. However, if you have an available open wall or want more than tiny pops of color in a smaller home, we’d like to show you a different take on adding some greenery – a garden wall. Take a look at how vibrant the room becomes with it:

Credit: loveandrenovations 

The owners added a few shelves to display their plants in this example. You can also create a similar design in your kitchen and display your herbs there.

But if you don’t like the idea of turning an entire wall green, you can transform one section of it, creating a cute cozy nook with a smaller bookshelf of plants in your living room, like in the example below:

Credit: Pinterest

We love these small garden walls because they do not take up much square footage within your home living in a vertical space – a great space-saving hack while not compromising the design of your home!

Take a look here for more clever indoor plant shelf ideas on creating a garden wall that works for you.

Organize the Clutter

You start accumulating stuff when you live in an apartment or a house for some time. After a while, this stuff gets in the way and can ruin your decor, no matter how clean you keep your living space. 

So, it’s vital to incorporate some ideas to find a place for your travel collectibles, books you use during your Portuguese classes, countless magazines, and other things that lie around but you’re reluctant to throw away. That’s why we’ve collected a couple of decluttering options for you. 

First of all, you need to utilize vertical space. If you live in a loft apartment, or the ceilings in your home are high, you can build high wall shelves. Take a look at how this person used this idea to organize their workspace:

Credit: Pinterest

Purchasing such shelves won’t cost much – a piece from IKEA will cost you around $17, so the entire project won’t be more than $150 (depending on the number of shelves you need). 

Another cute but practical idea is to place a single shelf right under the ceiling, thus creating a niche that you can decorate with the things that usually clutter your tables. Take a look:

Credit: Pinterest

If these ideas don’t help you organize your stuff, we recommend you consider removing some of it from your house altogether. However, if some of these things are near and dear to your heart, check out our Smart Storage offerings! Clutter’s licensed and professional movers will come to you, create an online inventory of your items, and store them securely at a Clutter warehouse. Whenever you need your items, we’ll bring them back in 48 hours!

Bring in the Coziness with Pillows and Throws

Finally, adding some textures like pillows and throws is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to transform your living space. These items add instant warmth and comfort to your rooms, making them more inviting. 

For example, here’s how just a couple of pillows have transformed a bachelor-style leather couch:

Credit: Pinterest

And, if you’re striving to bring more color to your current interior, consider throws and pillows in a contrasting color to your existing furniture. For example, here’s an example of more color added to a white bed:

Credit: Pinterest

So, if your mood and design preferences change often, you can easily change the interior by switching to different throws and pillows. Utilizing pillows and throws to add textures is a definitely universal home decor idea. 

Over to You

Now it’s time to put some of these easy decor ideas into action and transform your space into a place of relaxation and inspiration. If you’re not ready and need more fun ideas, check out some of our other similar decor-related articles on our blog

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