Wirelessy charge your phone by placing it on top of IKEA's Selje nightstand.
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IKEA Just Made It Incredibly Easy To Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

IKEA Just Made It Incredibly Easy To Wirelessly Charge Your Phone Expand options

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find your phone charger? Or when the cable gets tangled like spaghetti with other wires? Or when you have to hop out of your comfy bed, turn the lights on, and hunt like a maniac for your charger because your battery’s at 3% and all you want to do is finish your late-night Instagram stalking before sleeping?

Well, all of those woes will disappear later this spring because IKEA is introducing wireless charging furniture that you can put anywhere you please.

IKEA's wireless charging furniture lineup in all white.

To charge your phone, lay it on top of the furniture’s plus sign. That’s it.

IKEA VARV floor lamp with wireless charging.

The Wireless Charging Collection is already on sale in Europe. It includes tables, lamps, pads, and units that charge your phone using Qi, a wireless charging technology that’s already used by more than 500 products.

If you’re not ready to shell out the dough for new furniture though, it’s all good. Opt for a NORDMÄRKE pad and rest it atop any flat surface in your home or office. NORDMÄRKE starts at $28 for a single-phone-charging pad and goes up to $65 for one that charges three phones at a time.

IKEA NORDMÄRKE triple pad wirelessly charges three phones.

Don’t want to take up any space in your tiny apartment? IKEA is also going to carry a $30 JYSSEN wireless charger and a special $5 drill-bit you can use to hack your existing furniture and countertops into ones that moonlight as a phone charger. A kitchen counter that juices your phone while you juice your breakfast? Yes please.

A person is installing IKEA's JYSSEN wireless charger into a wooden surface.

But like some things in this world that seem too good to be true, there’s a catch. If you have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5 or below then you’ll also need a $15-$25 VITAHULT cover for the wireless charging magic to work since neither phone supports Qi technology out of the box.

IKEA VITAHULT wireless charging cover for iPhone.

Either way, pick up any brilliant piece from IKEA’s Wireless Charging Collection later this spring, and enjoy never having to wage war against rogue phone charger cables and plugs again.

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