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15 Cheap Cities to Live in California

Introduction California is often associated with high living costs, especially in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego....
By Clutter Editorial Jul 11, 2024
A DIY closet made with IKEA hacks.

No Closet? No Problem. Here’s How To Live Without One.

When I told my girlfriend that we’d be moving into an apartment with literally no closets, I can’t say that...

By Molli Carlson Jan 25, 2016
Nickelson Wooster's NYC Storage Solution

Nick Wooster’s Infinite Closet

No New York City closet has ever been big enough to contain the fashionable imagination of Nick Wooster, until now.

By Molli Carlson Sep 03, 2014
Ivan Zhang's elastic Hanger turns into 2 hangers with 2 loops for more clothes storage.

The Perfect Clothes Hanger For Your Tiny NYC Closet

If you’ve got a New York City apartment, chances are you’ve got a tiny closet. You’ve probably tried every trick in the book for maximizing that tiny little hole in your wall. You may even have resorted to hanging multiple pieces of clothing on each hanger. Design genius Ivan Zhang knows your pain. That’s why he invented the brilliant Hanger’ pictured above.

By Molli Carlson Aug 21, 2014

Seems Insane! This Houston Woman’s Closet Is Definitely Bigger Than Your Apartment

Today in news items that make you aware of how absurd living in New York City is, the Huffington Post brings us the story of Theresa Roemer’s “Female Man-Cave” or the “She-Cave” as she calls it.

By Molli Carlson Jul 23, 2014

Build A Micro-Bar For Your Micro-Brews

When it comes to living in NYC, you have to get a little thrifty. The average rental price in Manhattan is over $50 a square foot! Rather than curl up in a ball on your love seat and cry, you might want to get smart about what you do with your extremely valuable space.

By Molli Carlson Jun 10, 2014

Imagine A Book Nook Of Your Own!

MakeSpace’s mission is to put an end to schlepping and to hook New Yorkers up with extra cubic footage in their apartments. Once you’ve uploaded all your stuff to the cloud, the question becomes what to do with all this newfound space.

By Molli Carlson Jun 03, 2014
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