Young adult moving into a new home

Moving Long Distance – 21 Best Long Distance Moving Tips

Moving long distances can be a thrilling adventure, filled with the excitement of new beginnings. Whether you're crossing the country...
By Gautam Gandhi Jun 25, 2024

NYC-Based Artist Designs Technology For Windowless Future

Artist Bernardo Schorr envisions a bleak future of urban density so intense that most city-dwellers will be forced to live in 100 square-foot, windowless apartments. To address the challenges these small, windowless spaces will present, Schorr designed a futuristic solution: The Mixed Reality Living Space

By Molli Carlson Jul 21, 2014
A man is outside and working on a laptop as part of his technomadic vacation.

How To Take A Technomadic Vacation

Any New Yorker will tell you that one of the hardest parts of living in New York City is leaving New York City. Spending three months in Spain is a distant dream for most of us, because traditionally, a trip like that would entail abandoning your lease, moving all of your stuff to a storage facility, and finding a new job when you get back to the States. After you’ve spent a month hunting on Craigslist for the perfect apartment, the last thing you want to do is give it up.

By Molli Carlson May 12, 2014
A technomad AKA a digital nomad is working remotely on a laptop while sitting on a beach chair in the sand of on an exotic island.

Clutter For ‘Technomadism’ And The Hyper-Minimalist Lifestyle Of The Future

Have you ever wished you could pick up and move to a foreign country at a moment’s notice? Who hasn’t dreamt of spending six months in Madrid perfecting their Spanish and then flying back to New York like nothing ever happened? A new subculture of hyper-minimalist ‘technomads’ strive to make this dream a reality using all the conveniences modern technology has to offer.

By Molli Carlson May 07, 2014
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