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Moving Service and Facilities Brooklyn, NY

Moving Services in Brooklyn

Clutter Moving is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable moving solution in the Brooklyn - NYC area.
Moving Service and Facilities Brooklyn, NY
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Moving Company Brooklyn: Find Movers in Brooklyn, NY

If you are looking for moving companies in Brooklyn, you’re in the right place. We are Clutter, and we provide you with the best movers in Brooklyn. Our Brooklyn movers are able to help you move throughout the local area, including Manhattan, Harlem, and the Bronx. Learn more about our Brooklyn moving company below, and take a look at a few of the most common questions we get asked to help you prepare for your move.

Brooklyn Moving Company FAQs

How much does it cost to hire movers in Brooklyn?
There are several factors that will determine how much money it costs to hire Brooklyn movers, such as how much stuff you have, how far you want to transport it, and whether you require disassembly services. The weight of your items, the amount of time it takes, and the number of people you need to hire will all play a role in the final price. At Clutter, we know how expensive moving can get, especially in cities like New York. Whether you need Bronx movers or Brooklyn movers, we offer affordable moving services with fair billing by the minute to help you get into your new home at a great price.

How long does a local move to Brooklyn take?
As the most populated borough in New York City with over 2.7 million residents, moving to Brooklyn can be challenging. From congestion on the Brooklyn Bridge to busy streets lining Prospect Park, there are numerous factors that play into the time it takes to move in Brooklyn. For example, you might want to take 278 from Brooklyn Heights to Williamsburg. Or, you might be interested in taking Route 27 over to East New York. The farther you have to travel, the longer the move will take. We even provide movers in Manhattan who can assist you. We will provide you with an estimate before we get started, allowing you to plan accordingly. 

What personal belongings can a Brooklyn mover help me transport?
There are plenty of personal belongings that our movers can transport. We provide affordable storage in New York, and we can help you transport all types of belongings, ranging from furniture to televisions and even paintings. No matter where in Brooklyn you are, such as Park Slope, Bushwick, or Bay Ridge, our team can help you avoid the subways by packing and transporting your belongings. If you have questions about what we can and cannot transport, reach out to us to learn more. 

Can a moving company in Brooklyn disassemble my furniture? 
Regardless of whether you are moving from storage units or your home, we can help you disassemble furniture to make your move easier. There are some items that we do not disassemble, including art, electronics, appliances, and children’s furniture. If something is mounted on the wall, or if it requires special licensing, we cannot disassemble it. Anything that does not fall into these categories we would be happy to disassemble for you. Reach out to us to learn more. 

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