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Philadelphia Storage

Clutter’s Smart Storage is the most affordable, flexible, and reliable storage solution in the Philadelphia area.
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Find Storage Units in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is one of the most affordable major cities in the US. However, space can still be extremely limited, especially for renters. Try Clutter's storage units in Philadelphia when you're looking to free up space in your home. Whether you live near downtown or the suburbs, we can give you affordable storage solutions and home pickup and delivery options to suit your needs. 

Storage Units In Philadelphia
If you're planning a move or realize you need to get rid of some clutter, our storage units in Philadelphia can help. While apartments are relatively equal in size to the national average, it can be easy to collect things over time. Whether you live in Philadelphia's downtown core, are part of the suburbs like Bryn Mawr, or are a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple, or Drexel, we have you covered. Try Clutter's self-storage in Philadelphia or use our Smart warehouse storage solutions where you don't lift a finger -- we'll inventory your belongings, move them into storage for you, and pickup and deliver your items at your request. 

Storage Units In Philadelphia FAQs

What areas does Clutter have storage units in Philadelphia?
While Philly is known for beautiful attractions like the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall, it's ranked one of the worst cities in terms of driving experience due to its traffic congestion. With a growing population, drivers downtown can get stuck in traffic, resulting in long commutes. The last thing you want is to wait hours to gain access to your belongings. With Clutter, you can find one of our Philadelphia storage units near you, and you can schedule pickup or delivery services for any of your belongings at any time. We offer flexible solutions in several storage locations, including Abington, Bristol, Brookhaven, Bryn Mawr, Jamison, Media, Newark, Prospect Park, Southampton, Springfield, and more.

Are Clutter's storage units in Philadelphia secure?
Theft is one of the top crimes in Philadelphia, so it’s important to ensure your belongings are protected. Clutter's self-storage units are equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras and security personnel. We also utilize a 3-factor entry system, and many units have door sensors that track when doors are accessed. In addition, our Smart Warehouse storage is closed to the public and can only be accessed by vetted and professionally trained Clutter staff. 

What size storage units do I need in Philadelphia?
The right size Philadelphia storage unit for you depends on your needs. You can start the quote process to learn about the options available in your area. Our storage units in Philadelphia are affordable, but you can learn more about the different service options available to help you find the best storage and moving options for your needs. 

Does Clutter have climate-controlled Philadelphia storage units?
Philadelphia's weather ranges from warm, humid, and wet summers to cold and snowy winters. Temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity can damage your belongings, which is why we use state-of-the-art fans to control your storage unit’s climate and protect everything from furniture to art and antiques. 

How much do Clutter storage units in Philadelphia cost per month?
The cost of your storage unit in Philadelphia depends on how much space you need and your term length. You can request a quote to learn how much your storage space will cost monthly. With transparent pricing and affordable solutions, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for at Clutter. For your convenience, we offer low monthly rates, so storing your belongings doesn’t dig into your budget. Need help moving or packing up your belongings for storage? Learn more about organizing for storage, or contact us to schedule your pickup. 

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Thousands of satisfied customers

I was seeking a storage solution and found clutter online. The price is reasonable and competitive compared with other companies. The process is smooth. Alvin & Denzell&Eric came to my place in time, wrapped up all my items and took pictures for each piece of them. They protected my furniture to every corner carefully- even better than what I could do. Their service is really out of my expectations. They are so polite and helpful. I would love to refer Clutter to my friends as the best moving solution.
Jing X.
Moving is usually a PAINFUL experience for me, but not with Clutter! I had an awkward gap in when I had to move out of my last apartment and into my new one so I got clutter to help with moving and storing. I can honestly say it's the best decision I've made so far in 2021. I had my stuff ready and packed so they just came, packaged everything more securely with bubble wrap, furniture pads, etc, and then catalogued everything for me. I was a bit worried because I had several mirrors, but once I saw the great care they took to secure everything, all my fears were assuaged. I don't remember all their names, but Brian and co. were phenomenal!! 2 weeks later Adam and Ari came back with a truck of all my stuff and unloaded it all in my new apartment as requested. They were both so friendly and accommodating. And best of all, all my items (especially my mirrors ) came back in good condition. I cannot recommend this service enough, especially if you need both storage and moving help!
Konyin A.
I've had two great experiences with Clutter. First, they came to pick up my items for storage. They did it in a professional, neat, and quick manner. I felt good knowing my items would be secure and taken care of. Then they came to drop off my items at my new apartment. Again, they were quick and respectful of my items. Both instances they were on time. Tyrone, Reginald, and Gerald far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Clutter, and those three gentlemen, without reservation, to anyone looking for moving or storage services.
Leo S.

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