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Getting started

What materials will Clutter bring for my pickup?

What storage services does Clutter offer?

What are the benefits of Clutter compared to traditional self-storage?

How can I estimate what size storage space I’ll need?

What happens during a Clutter pickup?

What do I need to do before a Clutter pickup?

What’s the difference between a Curbside Pickup and a Full Service Pickup?

I have a physical disability. Which Clutter service is right for me?

How will I know when my Clutter team will arrive?

How will Clutter wrap furniture, electronics, and other large items during a pickup?

Who is responsible for packing fragile items?

How can I tip my Clutter movers?

Does Clutter provide help moving into Self Storage?

Can Clutter provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for my building?

What can I store with Clutter?

What items cannot be stored with Clutter?

What might cause my pickup to be canceled?

What if I need to reschedule or change my appointment?

What is the Clutter Instagram Giveaway?

While you’re in storage

How can I add more items to storage?

Can Clutter help me pack additional items?

Can Clutter help me disassemble items?

How can I get items out of storage?

How far in advance do I need to schedule a return?

Can I request items for a return tomorrow?

How does the online photo inventory work?

Can Clutter help me move returned items to specific rooms?

Can Clutter help me reassemble items?

Can Clutter return items when I am not home?

How can I change an upcoming appointment?

How can I reschedule or cancel an appointment?

Moving out of storage

What happens when I move out of storage?

How do I close my account?

After I store, can Clutter return all my items to another city or state?

Can Clutter donate or discard items if I don’t want them back?

What happens if I move out before my time commitment is over?

Will I get a promotion if I store with Clutter again in the future?

Paying for storage

When will I first be charged for storage?

What will be included in my first bill?

When does my billing cycle start and end?

How does Clutter process payments?

How can I update my payment method?

What happens if my payment is late?

How much does it cost to add additional items to storage?

How much does it cost to request items back from storage?

Will my plan automatically be switched to a smaller size if I remove items?

What happens when I close my account?

Will Clutter prorate the last month of storage?

Trust & Safety

Tell me about the Clutter moving team!

How can I give feedback after a Clutter appointment?

Where will my items be stored?

How will my items be stored at the facility?

How are Clutter facilities secured?

How does Clutter keep my credit card information safe?

What does protection look like with Clutter?

What does Clutter’s Item Protection cover?

Can I declare a value for my items being moved to and from storage?

What happens if an item is lost or damaged?

What happens if there’s damage to my property during an appointment?

Can I purchase extra protection for my items?

Can I use my own insurance when storing with Clutter?


What types of units are available?

Where are Clutter Self-Storage locations?

What are Clutter Self-Storage hours?

Does Clutter offer vehicle storage?

Why do I need a protection plan?

Do I need my own lock?

How are Clutter Self-Storage locations kept secure?

What’s the admin fee for?

How is Clutter Self-Storage different from my other local storage facilities?

Does Clutter require a minimum storage term?

How do I move out of Clutter Self-Storage?

What if I have another question about my Storage?

Self-Storage Shuttle

Can I ride in the Clutter vehicle to the self-storage facility?

If I selected a 9am - 1pm arrival window, does that mean I’ll be free at 1pm?

If I have a large item, can you help me carry it down?

Will you provide a dolly for me to use?

Will you provide moving blankets for me to use?

What type of vehicle will you send? How much can it hold?

Can I get a ride home after my Shuttle appointment?

What if all my items won’t fit in the Shuttle?

Can the Shuttle go back to my house for a second pick up?

Can I schedule a second pick up on another day?

Can I use the Shuttle service to move out?

How can I cancel or reschedule my Shuttle appointment?


What services do you offer?

What does Clutter do to guarantee the best moving experience?

Can your team help me pack?

When should I book my move?

What are your service areas?

How many movers and trucks do you send?

Do I need to be present at both the pickup and destination address?

Can Clutter help me with Moving and Storage at the same time?

Does Clutter support multi-location moves?

Does my referral discount or promo apply to moves?

Drop Off

How do I move in with Drop Off?

Do I have to move all my items into the unit at once?

Why is my drop off unit not the same size as my plan size?

How can I access my items in storage?

When can I access my items, after I drop them off?

How can I add items to my storage?

How can I get my items out of storage?

How do I close my account?

Where are my items stored?

Where are the Drop Off facilities?

Our response to COVID-19

What safety precautions is Clutter taking in response to COVID-19?

Do Clutter movers wear masks and gloves?

Do I need to wear a mask during my appointment?

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