11 Terrorific Halloween Costumes That You Can Make With A Moving Box

11 Terrorific Halloween Costumes That You Can Make With A Moving Box Expand options

Time’s tricking. Do you have your costume ready for Halloween?

If not, never fear. We scoured the web to concoct this list of 11 terrorific Halloween costumes you can make. Just in time for your spooky office party and weekend crawl.

The best part: No last-minute trips to Halloween pop-up stores that leave you digging through lifeless leftovers. All it takes is a cardboard box, a quick trip to your local arts and crafts store, and maybe a little of your own blood … and sweat.

1. Awesome-O had enough of Butters’ blackmail.

A person is wearing an Awesome-O Halloween costume covered in blood.

2. What happens when you watch Frozen one too many times.

A girl wearing a scary frozen head in fridge Halloween costume.
Coolest Homemade Costumes

3. He’s cloning your head, Shia LaBeouf.

A man wearing a creative cardboard clone Halloween costume.

4. Dy-no-mite!

A person is wearing a green cardboard dinosaur Halloween costume.
Linna Xu

5. Hey girl, I got somethin real special for you.

A man is wearing a head-in-box Halloween costume and standing on a platform at a train station.
Francesco Mugnai

6. Sometimes it feels like, somebody’s watching me.

A man is wearing a Flatrate Moving TV storage box Halloween costume and standing in the grass during the daytime.
Instagram/Flatrate Moving

7. See, sometimes life is like a box of …

A man is smiling and wearing a See's Candies chocolate box Halloween costume.

8. Hi-C you.

A woman is wearing an Ecto Cooloer Hi-C Halloween costume.

9. Now Lego my costume.

A boy is wearing a red and yellow LEGO man Hallween costume.

10. Why don’t you feel fresh to death and propel your way into All Hallows’ Eve?

A boy is wearing a blue, red, and silver cardboard box airplane Halloween costume.

11. Oh, you injured your hand because you rushed through making Buzzfeed’s last-minute Halloween snacks? Just saw it off and bake it.

A boy is wearing an oven Halloween costume.
Coolest Homemade Costumes

Happy Halloween!

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