4 Tips to Get Your Home Holiday Party-Ready

4 Tips to Get Your Home Holiday Party-Ready Expand options

The effort spent on prepping for a party is up to each host but, when you’re strapped for time and yet want to impress, here’s a guide that can help. Use these tips to quickly turn your space into a cozy party cove.

Tidy Up

Even if you recently deep cleaned, consider spending 15 mins to walk through for final tweaks. Set aside wonky furniture or very delicate showpieces. Consider covering light-colored sofas or armchairs to protect your upholstery.

Make Room

Tables and chairs don’t lend themselves as naturally to a party setting as say some soft ottomans that can be moved around. You can also spread a warm bedspread down, which will create a nook for people to sit down for a chat or a bottle game.

Decide on the Food

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Don’t spend hours putting together a menu. The top-performers of each party are: drinks and snacks.        Use recipes for easy, delicious drinks that add holiday cheer. Pizzas are a crowd pleaser that save time and are easy to eat while socializing. And if you have some time for making a snack, light canapés and a couple of plates of chopped fruit, will add a homely touch.

Light Up

Nothing sets the mood like lighting. Use it to your advantage to create a light and airy feel or a cozy and warm holiday vibe. If you’ve planned group games consider warm white light and if  music and dance are the centerpiece of the soiree go with multi-colored lights. Check out these different ways of using lights to make your space more atmospheric.

Getting ready for a party can be fun. Use these tips and enjoy the company of your friends without the pre-party panic.



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