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7 Tips to Create the Perfect Workspace

7 Tips to Create the Perfect Workspace Expand options

During this time as we all work and study from home, deciding where and how you’ll set up your workspace can be a challenge. Especially with tight spaces, in our homes carving out space is difficult. Keep these 8 tips in mind to create a workspace you’ll enjoy: 

1. Don’t compromise on comfort

Comfort is key. If you are not comfortable where you’ll be spending a lot of your time, you might not be able to put in your best effort. Make sure your chair is comfortable and your desk is at a good height for typing. Keep ergonomics in mind.

2. Ditch the distractions

A computer and a cup of espresso on a wooden table


This space needs to be as distraction free as possible. Try and create a space in a room with a door. This way you can shut the door when you need to. If you do not have a separate room, you can choose a corner far away from other activities. A temporary screen or partition can help shield you from distractions around the house, too. The less distracted you are the more you’ll get done. 

3. Create a routine 

Having a routine will help you a great deal. Get up at the same time everyday, shower, eat and sit to work at a designated time. Keeping your routine will train your brain to be awake and focused when you’re trying to work.

4. Stay organized

Make sure your workspace has everything you need. Ensure there’s enough paper, pens and even earphones, to help you focus. In order to work from home more efficiently, try keeping a clean organized space. 

5. Keep it clutter free

One of the most important things to do when working from home is to be sure your space is clutter free. Clutter is a major distraction.Make sure your cords are clipped to the side of your desk and not in your way.  The more stuff you have lying around, the greater the chance you will lose something. 

6. Use technology 

If you’re a student, be sure to use the technology that is available. Similarly, if you’re in the workforce make sure to connect with colleagues often via video chats. 

7. Change your scenery

A potted plant by the window against bright sunlight


 If being cooped up in the house is not rough on you, take routine breaks. Go for a 15 min walk or open the window and look outside for a bit. Sometimes a quick change of scenery is all you need to be able to stay on task. 

Creating a workspace you love is important when you’re working from home. The fewer distractions you have and the more organized you are, it will help you succeed. So spend some time to create a space that welcomes you to sit and get to work.

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