7 tips to keep windows squeaky clean

7 tips to keep windows squeaky clean Expand options

Dirty windows are unattractive and can make your home feel old and dated. If it’s time to clean them up—you’ve come to the right place. Here are ways you can keep windows squeaky clean.

A living room with clean french windows


Use the right tools 

There are many myths and misunderstandings about window cleaning. Contrary to what you may have heard—newspapers are a poor cleaning tool. Any paper product is going to be abrasive and leave behind fibrous material on the glass surface. A soft cloth—microfiber works well here—is the best choice for general cleaning. A sponge or squeegee can help you remove stuck-on residue, such as bird droppings.

Only use purified water 

If your neighborhood has hard water, cleaning your home’s windows with your hose can lead to the buildup of mineral deposits and water stains. Hard water can even damage the glass over time. Instead, fill a bucket with store-bought purified water or softened water from your in-home sink filter. It’s less convenient than hosing everything down, but cleaning with the right water makes a world of difference.

Select the right soap

There are many window cleaning products, and each claims to outperform the others. Honestly, dish soap tends to work the best. It’s mild enough to be used on glass without causing damage, but degreases, helping to lift off dirt, smoke film, and other contaminants.

Clean your window screens

Dust, dirt, pollen, and just about everything else often gets trapped on the window screen, making them look worn and dirty. Worse yet, rain can cause this dirt to loosen from the screen and impact the window. If you’re noticing muddy splashes on your windows after the last rainstorm, that’s probably what’s happening. It’s important to regularly detach and clean your window screens with warm, soapy water. Be gentle if you want your screens to last.

Deal with fogging in dual-pane windows

The air pocket between the two panes of glass in a dual-pane window is supposed to be an airtight, closed environment. If you’re noticing fogging or condensation between the panes, this means that the seal has been breached. You’ll probably notice this on one window, and not all of them. Defogging a dual-pane window is something best left to a professional, who will need to reseal the window.

Avoid smoke damage

As smoke hits glass, it tends to form a noticeable film that darkens the window. You may also notice this smoke film indoors if you have candles or a fireplace. The good news is that this damage isn’t permanent. Sponge the glass surface with a mixture of dish soap and water to lift out the smoke stain.

Treat yourself to a professional cleaning

A professional cleaner outside the window cleaning it


Consider having your windows professionally cleaned if you really need your windows to impress. Prior to listing their home, many homeowners have a professional out to clean their windows so that they can get high-quality photos of their home. 

If you have a similar need, make sure your home’s windows are ready for their close-up.

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