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5 DIY Projects With Concrete

5 DIY Projects With Concrete Expand options

It may seem a bit tricky to figure out what you can with concrete, but there are many ways to put your leftover material to use. Whether you want to try a smaller design or an in-depth plan, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and try DIY projects with concrete.

1. Candleholders

An outdoor space isn’t complete without a few extra touches. If you like to decorate with candles, it can be a little tough to find durable holders. You want them to withstand rain and shine, so it’s essential to make sure they’re rock solid. You can even make concrete platforms to elevate your candles and create a fun, decorative display.

2. Geometric bookends

A concrete project doesn’t have to be complicated. You can add modern touches to your indoor space with a few geometric bookends. They pair with most interior design schemes since they’re a little plain and rustic. This project should only take an afternoon to complete, so it’s an easy introduction to DIY concepts if you’re a beginner. It’s also customizable, as you can build any shape you wish.

3. Fire pit

A fire burning inside a concrete fire pit


Fewer things are as calming as a little relaxation by a fire. A backyard fire pit can provide a space for your family and friends to gather all summer. You’ll be able to make your own fire pit for less than it costs to buy one at the store. Plus, you can include a few personal touches to make it your own. If you want a more modern look, try a circular concrete fire pit with large pebbles. You can design a durable fire pit with a little hard work and creativity.

4. Outdoor table

If you need an outdoor table for your patio or porch, try a concrete tabletop. This project works well for those who want to incorporate other materials like wood, as you’ll need legs to support the table. You can even add your own personal designs as the concrete dries. This project can be a simple way to test your skills—whether you’re a rookie or an expert.

5. Flower vases

Two concrete flower vases with cacti


A concrete flower vase adds flair to any space. These containers are especially useful for outside decorations since concrete provides a durable material that’ll withstand most weather. Try painting them—so they’re a fun gift idea for friends and family who enjoy outdoorsy items. You can also leave holes at the bottom for proper drainage.

Try these concrete projects this summer

All you’ll need are a few supplies and a little time to make any of these DIY projects. They’re a fun way to add to your home and expand on your skills.


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