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10 Earth Day Upcycling Ideas for At-Home Storage

10 Earth Day Upcycling Ideas for At-Home Storage Expand options

Celebrate earth day by consciously upcycling your household items! Reducing our waste, even on a small scale, can help heal our planet and reduce spending. Here are 10 tips to upcycle and expand your storage at home:


1. Shoe organizer → pantry storage

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


2. Egg carton → drawer organizer.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


3. File holders → produce storage.

Source: Emily Shwake

4. Baby food jars → crafts storage.

Source: Apartment Therapy

5. Cookie jars → accessory storage.

Source: HGTV


6. Soda boxes → canned food storage.

Source: Amanda Fleming


7. Lazy susan → nail polish storage.

Source: Marko Metzinger


8. Garment bag → wrapping paper storage.

Source: Rachel Holis


9. Paper towel holder → ribbon storage.

Source: Dollar Store Crafter.

10. Binder clips → cord management.

Source: HGTV


Clutter is more than just storage.

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