A Sliding Storage Wall Transforms A Micro Apartment Expand options

All tiny apartments are born with an evil villain inside:

Limited square feet that can squash your happiness.

Unless you defeat that evildoer with space-saving solutions. Like how Mary Helen Rowell’s 90-square-foot micro-apartment does with wall hooks, Graham Hill’s 420-square-foot studio does with fold-down furniture, and Christian Schallert’s 258-square-foot micro-apartment does with built-in storage.

Adding to that roster of superheroes is a college professor who lives in this modern Gramercy Park micro-apartment. Officially named the 5:1 Apartment by architecture firm MKCA, this tiny dwelling dropkicks its constricting 390 square feet in the face.

Its special power:

A motorized, sliding storage wall that glides from one end of the room to the other with the finesse of a professional ballerina, instantly morphing one room into five. Which makes space for living/partying, working/partying, sleeping, dressing, and entertaining/partying in just a few seconds.

Watch this Manhattan micro studio morph into five different rooms with a sliding storage wall.

When the sliding storage wall is closed, you have a comfortable living room with ample space for dancing. And playing Twister.

A nice micro apartment inside view of a living room, office, and library in Gramercy Park.

Slide the closet doors open, and you just created three spaces that are essential to staying sane inside a micro-apartment:

A home office, a library, and a dry bar.

This micro studio apartment design is minimal, evidenced by its uncluttered office and library.

Spilled something on your shirt? Slide the storage wall out about half way to unveil a dressing room with built-in drawers and a closet.

The 5 to 1 Apartment's storage wall is half way out, showing a dressing room with a closet and drawers.

Slide the storage wall out a few more inches and guess what?

A cozy bedroom rolls up to the scene, carrying a queen-sized murphy bed, a nightstand, and shelves. Plus a TV that rotates 180 degrees to face whichever room you teleport to.

With the 5 to 1 Apartment's sliding storage wall more than half out, you have a bedroom, a wall bed, a nightstand, and shelves.

On the outskirts of this magical, morphing land are three more minimally-decorated rooms:

1. A dining room for four where you can look not only at your guests, but also at your curious neighbors through the window.

The 5 to 1 Apartment in Gramercy Park has a dining room table with space for four people.

2. A kitchen and a pantry with generous storage space.

Tiny apartment living is easy when you also have a full kitchen and pantry with storage.

3. A bathroom that leaks nothing but class.

A clean white bathroom inside the 5 to 1 micro partment in Gramercy Park, Manhattan.

No matter where you are inside this Gramercy Park micro-apartment, you’ll notice that every room is drenched in white and illuminated by bright LED lights, which simulates extra space. Yes it’s illusory, but that shouldn’t phase you. Because with a sliding storage wall and a private bar at your beck and call, any hour can be happy hour.

Clutter is more than just storage.

To find out how you can declutter your life, talk to one of our space experts. We’ll get you started with the right storage plan for you.

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