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How to DIY Carpet Cleaning

How to DIY Carpet Cleaning Expand options

We’ve all had that panicky moment where an accidental spill, magic marker accidents, or something similar had us scrambling to save our brand new carpet or area rug. Sometimes, you’re successful—but most of the time, you’re not. This is because we don’t know the proper way to tackle these spills/stains. Let’s look at some basic tips and tricks on how to DIY carpet cleaning. 

(Prelude: It’s important that you dab the stain to absorb it if it’s still wet or sticky. This helps make the cleaning process easier. A paper bag or a wad of paper towels is perfect for absorbing the initial spill. You’ll deal with the rest later.)

(Pro tip: Always test your DIY carpet cleaning solutions on a small edge of your carpet to ensure that the colors won’t bleed.)

A bright rug laid out under a grey couch


The basic vinegar hack

White vinegar is a lifesaver when it comes to tackling carpet stains. With the right amount, you can easily dab up the spill before it sets into a stain. All you need is a 1 cup of warm water, 1 cup of vinegar, and a spray bottle.

Just mix this solution and spray it on top of your stain. Let it sit for 5 minutes and dab it with a clean cloth. If your stain still isn’t completely coming off, then sprinkle baking soda on the stain. Let it absorb it, then clean it off. It’ll look as good as new.

The dishwasher hack

This is also a good DIY carpet cleaning hack for accidental spills. It requires you to pour a 1/4th teaspoon of mild dishwashing solution into a cup of lukewarm water. Mix this solution thoroughly and spray it on the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes and then dab it with a clean cloth. The stain will slowly come undone as you repeat this process over and over again.

The baking soda hack

A bottle of baking soda against a wooden floor.


Baking soda can absorb all stains , which is why it’s one of the best homemade DIY carpet cleaners. It’s also pretty easy to use. You just need to sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda on top of your stain. Let it rest for a whole day and cover it up with a dish so that no one accidentally walks over it. Uncover the spot the next day and vacuum all the excess baking soda. You’ll see that the stain has almost disappeared. Repeat the process again and again until the stain has fully disappeared.

The double-whammy hack

If you’re looking for tips on how to keep your home tidy year round while struggling with a dirty carpet, then you’ll love this potent solution. Dab the stain if it’s fresh and then sprinkle it with a layer of club soda. This will loosen the stain. Vacuum it up after a while and dab the stain with a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Keep at it until the stain comes loose.

The fur-ball hack

Stains and spills are not the only things that can ruin your carpet. If you own a pet, then you’ll know the struggle of pet hair stuck in your rug fibers. It can be a nightmare to pull them out and even a vacuum can’t do the job entirely. The easiest way to remove them is by using a lint brush. You can also use a rubber squeegee to pull all the hair in the center of the carpet and scoop it up in one go. 


It’s important to know the severity of your stain or spill. If you think that DIY cleaning remedies might not work, then call a carpet cleaning company to help you out. Sometimes, you’ll need to leave your carpet in the hands of a professional in order to maintain its aesthetic and functional dignity.

Author: Tony Kantzavelos

Tony is the CEO of Love Your Rug – Canada’s largest rug cleaning & restoration facility. Apart from successfully leading his team, Tony loves to share professional advice on how to give a fresh look to carpets, rugs and peoples homes. He is an industry leader and authority in area rug restoration.

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