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5 Home Repairs You Can DIY—And 5 You Should Hire a Pro

5 Home Repairs You Can DIY—And 5 You Should Hire a Pro Expand options

If you love home renovation or you’re simply looking to get your place in better shape, you might be wondering exactly what you can DIY and what tasks you should leave to the professionals when you’re making plans for your home. While of course, DIY can be fun, there are some tasks that could be dangerous or too difficult to tackle without proper expertise. While saving money and doing your own repairs might be all the rage, there are definitely some tasks that save you time and money when you hire someone with the proper equipment and expertise. Here are five repairs you can DIY, and five that require a bit more expertise.

Call A Pro!

Here are five projects you might need someone to help you out with, even if you’re a handy person.

1. Load-Bearing Walls
Unless you have training and experience tearing down, reconstructing or otherwise altering load-bearing walls, you should probably leave a task like this to the professionals, as it could be dangerous to do on your own.

2. Rerouting Plumbing
If you’re remodeling a bathroom or fixing up a kitchen, you may find yourself in need of new plumbing or water routes. This can be a complex job, best left to professionals.

3. No Hot Water
Same as rerouting plumbing, if you have no hot water, it usually requires some professional diagnosis that laypeople aren’t familiar with. By calling a professional to help out, you can get your water back on much quicker and easier.

4. Removing Asbestos
Asbestos can be dangerous for humans to interact with, especially if you’re close enough to remove it. If you have asbestos in your home, contacting a professional to remove it can be your best bet for your situation.

5. Removing Mold
Similar to asbestos, mold can be harmful to your health and safety, which means that removing it can mean harming your health and safety. There are people who are trained and certified to properly remove mold, and you should turn to them so they can remove it properly.


While there are some repairs you can’t DIY, there are certainly a few that you can — and maybe even should! Here are a few of those projects.

1. Painting
Painting a room — or even your whole house — is a great DIY project you can take on. All you need is some paint and the proper supplies and you can get rolling. While some people do call pros for painting jobs, you can totally do this one yourself.

2. Gardening and Planting
Most gardening and planting is DIY-based, though some people choose to hire a landscaper. If you want flowers and plant life around your house, try out a DIY project!

3. Building Furniture
Whether you go the complete DIY route or take a trip to IKEA for some easy-assemble items, furniture and home decor are great ways to get your DIY spirit on.

4. Removing Wallpaper
If you want to peel off that wallpaper to make room for some fresh color on the walls, you can easily do that one yourself.

5. Making a Home Gym
Home renovations like home gyms and home offices are usually about the small changes that make a room transform, so they’re perfect for the DIY treatment.

DIY vs. Pro

Each home renovation and repair has its own needs, and whether you need to call a pro or you’re okay with a DIY, you’ll be one step closer to your dream home.


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