This genius DIY mason jar chandelier shines a rainbow in your tiny apartment.

10 Best Mason Jar DIY Ideas For Your Tiny Apartment

10 Best Mason Jar DIY Ideas For Your Tiny Apartment Expand options

Everywhere you look on Instagram, Pinterest, or in Brooklyn, you’re bound to see someone using a Mason jar for some purpose other than what its inventor, John Landis Mason, originally intended (which was for preserving fruits, vegetables, and meats). And smartly so.

Mason jars are vintage, inexpensive glass jars with a lid, making them charming storage containers for just about any small item or liquid under the sun. But you already know this because like us, you too have been drinking out of one all summer long.

So to keep nourishing your appetite for the ubiquitous storage solution, here are 10 brilliant Mason jar DIY ideas, some of which will also increase the space inside your tiny apartment.

1. Mason Jar Pendant Light

A DIY mason jar pendant light is a soothing reading light or nightlight for a bedroom in a tiny apartment.

If you like reading in bed at night and/or sleeping with a nightlight on, then you’ll appreciate having a hanging Mason jar pendant light that not only glows cerulean tranquility, but also takes up zero space on your nightstand.

2. Mason Jar Chandelier

A DIY mason jar chandelier adds charming light to any living room or dining room in a tiny apartment.

Sia isn’t the only one who wants to swing from the chandelier. Your Mason jars do too.

One-up your pendant light by crowning your kitchen with a Mason jar chandelier. Blue tint, optional. Showing your face, also optional.

3. Mason Jar Wind Chimes

Hear relaxing sounds on the balcony of your tiny apartment by making DIY mason jar wind chimes.

What happens when you introduce a Mason jar to a bottle cutter?

Mason jar wind chimes are born.

Attach some of the random beads and charms that you’ve collected over the years and let the wind complete your newly-minted percussion instrument. Rocking chair and porch sold separately.

4. Mason Jar Organizer

A DIY mason jar organizer is the best bathroom storage for toiletries, brushes, eyeglasses, and plants in a small apartment.

You know what else would sound pleasant?

If when you’re getting ready in the morning you had everything you need, neatly organized within arm’s reach, and beautifully displayed in plain sight.

Meet the Mason jar organizer that floats your toiletries, makeup brushes, and eyeglasses while embodying farmhouse chic bathroom storage.

5. Mini Mason Jar Aquarium

A DIY mason jar aquarium brings sea life into a kids bedroom in a tiny apartment.

Not up for taking your nieces and nephews to the aquarium because it’s pouring outside?

Bring “Under The Sea” over the counter and into their room with a mini Mason jar aquarium.

6. Mason Jar Picture Magnet

Cheap photo storage in a tiny apartment is easy with a DIY mason jar picture magnet.

Longing for the good ol’ days when you were a kid and didn’t have a single care in the world?

Before recycling the next Mason jar that you think you don’t need, upcycle its lid into a picture magnet. You’ll restore some of your favorite memories in no time just by customizing your fridge with old family photos.

If you have a change of heart about the jar and decide to keep that too, use the jar to store your tears of joy.

7. Mason Jar Pin Cushion

A DIY mason jar is the perfect sewing supplies storage that also saves space in a small apartment.

Finding someone who doesn’t like Mason jars is like finding a needle in a haystack. Except with zero chance of stepping on that needle because you’re going to store it, along with the rest of your sewing supplies, in a Mason jar pin cushion.

8. Mason Jar Citronella Candle

Make a DIY mason jar citronella candle to stop mosquito bites from happening on your tiny apartment's balcony.

Before you say bye to summer and the Mason jar craze that hopefully never ends, say bye to mosquito bites first. Turn your jar into a citronella candle so you can fully enjoy the ephemeral, sweet summer nights.

9. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Use a DIY mason jar soap dispenser to wash your hands and save space in your small apartment's kitchen.

Your trusty hands are going to get dirty from all of this Mason jar DIY action. Wash your most reliable of all tools with the help of a Mason Jar soap dispenser, which also makes for a thoughtful and creative housewarming gift.

10. Mason Jar Air Freshener

A DIY mason jar air freshener makes the bathroom inside your tiny apartment smell nice.

You refreshed your hands. Now what about the air around you?

Give Glade a run for their money by substituting your clean linen air freshener with an artisanal Mason jar air freshener. Handmade by none other than the new King/Queen of Mason Jar DIY Projects:


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