A DIY wood pallet entryway organizer for coats, hats, gloves, scarves, handbags, messenger bags, and backpacks is one of many creative storage ideas for small spaces.
12 Super Creative Storage Ideas For Small Spaces Expand options

It’s going to be almost 60 degrees in NYC this week?! Yup. But before you rush to effortlessly store your winter clothes in Clutter, know that unlike DJ Khaled’s keys to more success, the warm temperature is only going to last for one measly day. So where do you store your winter hats, earmuffs, gloves, scarves, sweaters, coats, and more in the meantime?

In these 12 super creative storage ideas for small spaces of course:

1. A Conga line to store hats before they dance

Storage ideas for small spaces: nail hat storage hooks.
Apartment Therapy

All you need are long nails. Nope, not fingernails, but long metal nails. Simply hammer them into a wall and hang your hats on top.

Playing music: mandatory. Joining the line: optional.

2. Hanging cubbies to store winter clothes, purses, and clutches

Easy storage for small spaces: IKEA SKUBB Organizer.

Have a rod in your closet? Of course you do. Hang a SKUBB Organizer on the rod and store your winter hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, purses, and clutches or wallet in any of SKUBB’s six convenient storage compartments.

The best part: SKUBB acts like us after a Spartan Race and collapses.

3. A candlestick to wear and store beanie hats

DIY storage for small spaces: winter hats on candlesticks.
Tugboat Yarning

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick.*

*Except for on this Wednesday when it’s 58 degrees outside because you’re going to use said candlestick to store your beanie hat that you definitely won’t be wearing.

4. A clothesline to air-dry and store mittens

Winter small space storage: store mittens in clothes pins on a string.
Wee Folk Art

Wearing soggy mittens? Ew. Wearing dry mittens? Easy. If you air them out like how everyone used to dry their clothes before the clothes dryer was thankfully invented.

5. An over-the-door shoe organizer to store gloves, scarves, winter hats, and earmuffs

A shoe organizer storing winter gloves, scarves, and hats on a door.
The Borrowed Abode

Pick up this overdoor shoe organizer from The Container Store. Why? Because it boasts 24 cheap storage pockets and zero disappointment.

6. Decorative knives to take a stab at decluttering shirts

Storage ideas for small homes: Knife wall hooks storing clothes.

Um … yeah …

7. A non-psychotic Hook Box to store a jacket, dog leash, handbag, and daily essentials

A Bosa Hook Box used for coat, dog leash, and handbag storage.
Formabilio Journal

Because you’re not Norman Bates.

8. Cubby coat hooks to wear coats and tote bags around their necks, and to stash eyeglasses in their mouths

Creative storage solutions: Store handbags, jackets, coats, eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats, and keys on/in Cubby coat hooks.

Don’t worry, the cubbyholes don’t salivate. So you can safely store and retrieve your eyeglasses and sunglasses without worrying about them being drenched in saliva.

9. Giant paperclips to organize scarves, handbags, backpacks, and messenger bags

Easy storage ideas: giant paper clips storing a designer bag and scarf.
The Office Stylist

Knock knock. Who’s there? Your favorite office supply. Your favorite office supply who? Your favorite office supply that just became your favorite winter accessories storage solution so let it in!

10. Shower rings to show off your impeccable taste in scarves and knot-tying skills

DIY scarf storage: loop your scarves through shower rings attached to a clothes hanger and hang it in your closet.
Smart N Snazzy

Eager to organize your scarves and keep them off the floor? Look to your shower for inspiration and then follow these simple DIY scarf storage hanger instructions.

11. A paint can to store almost every winter accessory you can imagine.

DIY scarf, winter hat, jacket, coat, gloves, and dog leash storage made of upcycled paint cans.
Instructables/Brian Jewett

These upcycled paint cans save you money, floor space, closet space, and the agony of forgetting your gloves and earmuffs at home. Because you can install this easy DIY winter accessory storage solution in your entryway where your daily essentials will be nearly impossible to miss.

12. Clutter to effortlessly store all your winter clothes, shoes, accessories, and more

The best storage experience is never having to lift a finger. Or spend tons of money. Or ask a friend to borrow his/her pickup truck. Or make multiple trips to and from a storage unit. Or buy boxes. Or assemble and tape boxes. Or dig through boxes for hours just to find your Denver Broncos jersey in time for Super Bowl 50.

So when spring finally arrives, and with it lovely warm weather that lasts for more than a day, schedule a Clutter pickup and we’ll take care of the rest.


Clutter is more than just storage.

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