The Art of the Small Garden

The Art of the Small Garden Expand options

Almost every space you have can be transformed from confined into cozy. All it takes is knowing a few tips and tricks. Here’s the scoop on how to transform your petite backyard (or front yard) into a private oasis.

Maintain your privacy

green small plant by a wooden fence


When you have a huge backyard, relaxing can feel natural. Wherever you place your chair, you feel isolated from your neighbors and people who pass by. However, with a small garden, especially if it’s near a street, you might feel a bit exposed. Luckily, this can be fixed quite easily. Consider switching from your regular fence to a living fence. It will require more maintenance than the alternatives, but the look, feel, and commodity it will bring will be worth your while.

Find a central spot

When the square footage of your garden is tight, use the space you’ve got cleverly. Author and a landscape architect Dan Curtis recommends finding a spot that will be the focus of your yard. The focus is usually established on the place where you will relax and spend time with people. Choose this spot wisely and equip it accordingly.

Keep it simple

Small gardens can be just as stunning as the big ones, but the number and sizes of elements is a factor you can’t oversee. Don’t attempt to overfill your garden with too many plant pots, a big outdoor dining table, and bushes of many shapes and sizes. What can’t fit, can’t fit. Make a list of the items you want to include and sort them to logically, prioritize what’s essential. 

Use light and bright colors

a bright yellow and blue fence


Coloring the walls, furniture, plant pots and other elements in your garden brightly will help you create an illusion of space. Making it look bigger than it actually is. Pastel shades are particularly useful for this, and they will also make your garden look approachable and peaceful. Neutral pastels such as beige, khaki, olive green, and slightly tinted white will complement any space.

Verticals are your friends

If you don’t have enough ground space, make sure to make the best use out of the walls, window sills, ladders. What you can’t store horizontally can often be stored vertically instead. This way, not only will you save precious space, but you’ll also make your garden look very original and appealing. 

Incorporate art centerpieces

a blue and teal vase


If you want to give your petite garden that special flavor, there are a few things to consider before you decide what to buy and where to place it. You don’t want to go over the top and disturb the beauty of your front or backyard.



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