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Clutter For Puppy Love Expand options

Whether you’re adopting a dog, or just fostering the pooch until he/she can find a “forever” home, taking care of an energetic dog in a small apartment in New York City requires a whole lot of work in exchange for a little puppy love.

Poor pups get a little frantic because they love you so much. And they thank you for taking care of them by maniacally shredding, lying with, and peeing on the things that smell most like you. Make no mistake — a three-month-old puppy won’t hesitate to chew up half of your vintage leather backpack no matter how much you love it. No, she won’t.

In order to puppy-proof your home, the best thing to do is get as many of your valuables safely hidden. Not under-your-bed hidden, though. More like in-a-tightly-sealed-box-stored-somewhere-far-away hidden.

This will give your puppy a safe environment to play in — by freeing up space in your living areas, and putting what you can’t store far, far out of reach, you’ll prevent mishaps. That goes double when it comes to potty training.

Just like when watching a baby, you’ll need to get all household cleaning supplies, medicines, and house plants completely away. A helpful option for these things, which you probably use frequently, is to move these products into upper cabinets.

Of course you’ll have to clear out whatever you’ve got in there first, but we don’t think it’ll be too hard to go a few months without your bamboo punch bowl or novelty tiki cocktail glasses. That’s what Clutter is for.

There’s no joy quite like taking care of a dog in New York. And while it can be difficult, the care you’re providing the little guy is definitely worth it.

Clutter is more than just storage.

To find out how you can declutter your life, talk to one of our space experts. We’ll get you started with the right storage plan for you.

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