diy keys and cable holder made from sugru and a lego plate, brick, and man
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15 Creative Things To Keep Your Desk Insanely Organized

15 Creative Things To Keep Your Desk Insanely Organized Expand options

Because a clean and organized desk will increase your productivity. Which is spectacular since you’re probably reading this article at work.

1. A mini MakeSpace bin to grow your budding ladder to the cloud.

Price: Not for sale 🙁

2. LEGOs to levitate your keys and iPhone cable.

A LEGO piece storing keys and a LEGO man storing an iPhone cable.

Price: Free, if you have these LEGO pieces at home

3. A tiger and panda to hide your secret notes to Amanda.

A tiger and panda sticky note holder.
DCI Gift

Price: $3

4. A cat food can to contain your cat paperclips, which have infinite lives btw.

A Kitty Kaddy cat food can that stores paper clips.
Urban Outfitters

Price: $12

5. A dachshund to chew, err, corral your mail and papers.

A dachshund letter organizer is on a desk and storing lan envelope and photograph.

Price: $12

6. A shark to stash your iPhone, and the shade from any coworkers who don’t like your music.

A Shark Powerless Amplifier from DCI Gift is storing a white iPhone 6.
DCI Gift

Price: $14

7. An otter to dispense your tape like it’s his job, because it is.

An otter tape dispenser is laying on a desk.

Price: $14.99

8. A patch of grass to plant your pens and pencils.

An Ideas in Bloom Desk Organizer from ModCloth that looks like grass storing pencils and a pen.

Price: $14.99

9. A Tetris block to drop your magazines and notebook in.

An Aqua Magazine File from Poppin is storing magazines.

Price: $15

10. Bendy pencils to cuddle your cords.

Pencil Wrap Cord Organizer
DCI Gift

Price: $15

11. An R2-D2 with storage containers to protect everything in your galaxy.

An R2-D2 Bento Lunch Box from ThinkGeek that can also be used for office supply storage.

Price: $19.99

12. A clip to cradle your cup of coffee until you sip.

A DrinKlip Uni can be used to store your coffee cup at work.
DCI Gift

Price: $20

13. A cassette tape to teleport your office supplies to the golden age of hip hop.

A Rewind Desk tidy, which looks like a black cassette tape, is storing pens, thumbtacks, pencils, and tape.

Price: $26.18

14. A whale to sandwich your books.

Whale of a Tale Bookends used to store books on an office desk.

Price: $59.99

15. A bench to sit on, and to conceal Marie Kondo’s new book Spark Joy when it stops sparking joy for you.

An Orange Box Bench from Poppin is an awesome and cheap storage solution.

Price: $75

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