The Ecocapsule, a self-sufficient pod/tiny house on wheels that's available for pre-order, is outside in the grass during the daytime.
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Ecocapsule Is Finally Available For Pre-Order! Never Pay Rent Or Utilities Again

Ecocapsule Is Finally Available For Pre-Order! Never Pay Rent Or Utilities Again Expand options

Sexy Ecocapsule fans of the world, today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. After six years of development by Bratislava, Slovakia-based Nice Architects, the Ecocapsule is now available for pre-order!


“Our mission is to offer first-class product to all our future customers. Most of the technologies we use are still rapidly evolving, but year 2016 is perfect for Ecocapsule to be finally born,” Igor Zacek, CEO of the project, told us via email earlier today.

How much does the Ecocapsule cost?

Only €79,900 ($87,033.87). With €2,000 ($2,177.16) down. Before shipping. Which in the US, can cost you €2,100 ($2,281.98) if it’s being shipped to New York or Houston, or €3,600 ($3,911.96) if it’s being shipped to Oakland for example.

We know, we know. The price sounds outrageous for an 88-square-foot tiny home that looks like the Chicago Bean’s younger sibling. But remember, you can live in one of these custom, intelligent, portable, and solar- and wind-powered pods anywhere in the world — without having to worry about paying rent or utility bills. Ever. Again.

Four Ecocapsules, solar and wind powered tiny homes on wheels, are on the beach.
Nice Visions
Six Ecocapsules, which are self-sufficient and inhabitable portable pods, are on the top of apartment buildings in a city.
Nice Visions
Six Ecocapsules are parked in front of a monument and building during the daytime.
Nice Visions
Skiers are walking by two Ecocapsules on a mountain covered by snow.
Nice Visions/Christian Lang

The Ecocapsule, which is made of steel, fiberglass, and aluminum, isn’t your average tiny home on wheels that you have to build yourself. It comes with everything you need to live comfortably on, and off, the grid.

For starters, it has solar panels, a wind turbine, thermal insulation, a water filtration system and heater, water tanks, windows with hardened security glass, floor heating, and a battery that can provide electricity for at least four days in the off chance that there’s no energy from the sun or wind.

A scheme showing how the Ecocapsule runs on solar and wind energy and filters water.

A scheme showing a car charging the Ecocapsule's battery.

Inside the Ecocapsule, there’s a folding double bed with a mattress, a kitchenette, a shower, a composting toilet, multiple storage cabinets, a data network connection for when you miss the rest of the world, electrical outlets, LED lights, and more. Like an optional mini fridge, washing machine, mosquito net, and folding sunshade.

The Ecocapsule's kitchenette with a sink, two burners, and storage cabinets.
Tomas Manina
The Ecocapsule's multipurpose living area has a folding bed, storage cabinets, and a desk.
Tomas Manina
The Ecocapsule's bathroom has a shower, sink, window, mirror, and composting toilet.
Nice Visions

Similar to a BMW 7 series, except more spacious and inhabitable, the Ecocapsule’s price also includes a warranty and service. Just in case something goes wrong while you’re out in the middle of nowhere pondering life’s quandaries.

Want to be one of the first people on the planet to own an Ecocapsule?

Order your Ecocapsule here. Like right now. Because Nice Architects is only producing 50 1st generation Ecocapsules. And based on the prototype’s widespread media coverage and interest along with the tiny house craze, they’ll probably sell out fast.

But don’t worry. Even if you miss the limited-edition boat, all hope isn’t lost. As long as you don’t mind waiting until 2017 for your Ecocapsule to arrive, you can still reserve a non-customized, less than €79,000 ($85,944.10) Ecocapsule for only €300 ($326.37) down.

If you’re one of the first tiny home enthusiasts to get your lucky hands on a 1st generation Ecocapsule, hit us up at We’d love to learn about your experience living in one of these magnificent portable pods and of course, feature you on our blog.

Until then, we’ll have fun playing with this mini €29 ($31.52) “Ecocapsule folder”:

A mini Ecocapsule by Nice Architects.
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