A MakeSpace bin stores vibrant clothes and shoes that belong to Joanna Matthy, an Urban Outfitters project manager who lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
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Joanna Matthy’s Closet-less Brooklyn Studio Actually Has 1 Infinite Closet: Clutter

Joanna Matthy’s Closet-less Brooklyn Studio Actually Has 1 Infinite Closet: Clutter Expand options

Joanna Matthy has “accumulated more than four to five women’s worth of clothing and shoes” over the past 15 years while working in fashion and retail. If you think she stores that massive collection in a walk-in closet inside an MTV Cribs-worthy mansion, think again.

“Ode to my closet-less studio loft apartment!” declared the Urban Outfitters Global Project Manager, who’s been living in Bushwick, Brooklyn for the past two years.

As Joanna approached her 30s, she “figured that my parents would just LOVE it if I ceased using their mountain home basement as my personal storage unit, which also required a two-hour drive to and from NYC to get my things!”

Putting an end to Joanna’s self-storage frightmare was a former roommate of hers who recommended that she use Clutter as an infinite closet.

“Fabulous” is exactly how we’d describe our relationship with Joanna too. She gets what she wants, schlep-free storage with pickup and delivery, and we get what we want, another satisfied customer who has more space in her apartment.

“Anything not in season from my wardrobe, in addition to items I’d love to have in a home one day (that has the square footage!), lives happily in Clutter.”

Her secret?

A space-saving packing trick that her mother taught her back in her summer camp days of filling a trunk with a couple of month’s worth of items:

“Fold items to fit the entire surface area of the bin. (You’re welcome!)”

As the seasons change, so does Joanna’s wardrobe. She uses Clutter to effortlessly rotate her wardrobe every season, just like menswear icon and Clutter customer Nick Wooster.

“As the weather turns, I make my quarterly call and have a hanger-swapping session to ensure I’m ready for the New York streets,” explained Joanna, who often braves those streets wearing her favorite high-top Chucks or slip-on Vans.

When Joanna’s not wearing those sneakers, or the rest of her in-season clothes, shoes, and accessories, she stores them inside IKEA storage solutions and on floor-to-ceiling shelves.

“Our entire apartment is literally one room, so use of space is at the top of my priority list. Visible definition between rooms and maximization of feng shui in the apartment are both critical.”

Also critical to Joanna living blissfully in her closet-less Brooklyn studio is our Customer Success team. “They’re right by my side to make every step of the storage process as seamless as possible. They’re a pleasure to work with.”

Thank you, Joanna Matthy. You’re a pleasure to serve.

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