A blue giant LEGO coffee table made of EverBlocks.
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EverBlocks Are The Giant LEGOs You’ve Always Wanted

EverBlocks Are The Giant LEGOs You’ve Always Wanted Expand options

LEGO lovers of the world, just when you thought your most favorite toy/least favorite thing to step on couldn’t get any better, NYC-based entrepreneur Arnon Rosan goes and invents EverBlocks — the giant LEGOs you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t have, until now.

“[My kids] said, ‘Dad, you like to build things and if you are going to build another business, it should be something you can touch and feel,'” Arnon told TODAY. “I thought ‘Hey, what’s more fun than building with blocks?’ and my kids agreed. All three of my boys are avid Lego users, block builders, and Minecraft users.”

EverBlock Systems Founder and CEO Arnon Rosan is standing with his three sons in front of a white wall made of EverBlocks.
EverBlock Systems Founder and CEO Arnon Rosan and his three sons.

EverBlocks, which resemble LEGOs on steroids, come in four sizes. Four sizes that are thankfully big enough to not accidentally step on, yet light enough to not send you to the ER should you drop one of these plastic pieces of playful perfection on your shin. And in case you didn’t notice, each EverBlock wears an invisible t-shirt with “Instant furniture. Just add pressure.” printed in invisible ink on the front.

Seriously. Just like you do with your LEGOs, stack EverBlocks to convert your petite apartment into your private LEGOLAND. Your private LEGOLAND with magnificent attractions like these LEGO-esque structures:

EverBlock Furniture

This piece of giant LEGO furniture is a dining table made of EverBlocks.

A TV stand with storage made of EverBlocks that resemble big LEGOs.

This chair is made of EverBlocks, which look and behave like life-size LEGOs.

A coffee table made of EverBlocks, which are basically big LEGO bricks.

A giant brown LEGO table made from EverBlocks.

A blue giant LEGO desk built out of EverBlocks.

EverBlock Shelves

A LEGO bookcase made of brown EverBlocks.

These orange EverBlocks, which look like big LEGOs, make cheap shelves with toy storage.

EverBlock walls

A living room with multicolored LEGO walls made of EverBlocks.

A white divider wall made of staggered EverBlocks, which are basically life-size LEGOs.

An accent wall made of brown, orange, and white EverBlocks, which look like big LEGO bricks.

A Piet Mondrian wall made of white, black, blue, red, and yellow EverBlocks.

An EverBlock bar

A home bar made of white and brown EverBlocks that resemble giant LEGOs.

An EverBlock yoga studio

A man doing a handstand in a homa yoga studio made of big LEGO-resembling EverBlocks.

An EverBlock fortress

A woman sitting in giant LEGO furniture made of EverBlocks.

And of course, EverBlock statues

A giant Mario statue made of EverBlocks that look like life-size LEGO bricks.

A giant gold Oscar award built with EverBlocks that look like big LEGOs.

The best part about EverBlocks is the fact that you can easily build and remix all of the above masterpieces and more using any combination of 15 colors.

A multicolor wall and cube made of EverBlocks that resemble big LEGOs.

The 15 colors also happen to include a translucent white that makes introducing your friends to an illuminated DJ table in your apartment all the more possible. And trippy.


When you’re ready to disassemble EverBlocks, all you have to do is, you guessed it, unstack them. So in the event you prefer to sit on your EverBlock table for a change, simply pull off some of the table surface’s flat pieces and stack blocks in their places to form a sofa. A sofa that begs you to say, “I know I’m indoors sitting down, but I’m still outstanding.”

A woman and man sitting on a white sofa made of EverBlocks, which look like big LEGOs.

And when your outstanding self wants to take the LEGO party outside, you can. Without a care in the world. Because EverBlocks are made of hi-impact polypropylene co-polymer with UV inhibitors. Which make EverBlocks durable, immune to fading in the sun, water- and chemical-resistant, pressure-washable, and cleanable with standard cleaning solutions.

Ready to build a life-sized LEGO-like structure, but not sure how many EverBlocks you’ll need?

Build it online first using the EverBlock Virtual 3D builder. It lets you add a human for scale, and tells you how many EverBlocks and in what colors you need for your project.

Scoop up EverBlocks at everblocksystems.com, and finally build the life-sized LEGO castle of your dreams.

A giant LEGO castle made of white, red, and brown EverBlocks.
Arnon Rosan told The Independent that he imagines a day when houses and emergency shelters will be made of EverBlocks.
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