Scout Sixteen founder and lifestyle blogger Justin Livingston's MakeSpace bin is used for hat, jacket, pants, clothes, and bag storage in NYC.
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Featured User: Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen

Featured User: Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen Expand options

“Passion” is tattooed on the inside of Justin Livingston’s left ankle. And it’s ingrained in everything he does, from the eloquent way he writes, to the sharp way he dresses and captures the beauty of his explorations through photography.

“If I’m not doing it with passion, why do it?” says Justin, reflecting on his decision to start his blog.

This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill blog. In between boarding planes, trains, and automobiles, the dapper 26-year-old passionately writes his popular blog, Scout Sixteen. There, you’ll discover Justin Livingston’s musings on the best in menswear, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. All of which serves as a platform for his readers to express themselves and connect with like-minded creators around the world.

So the moment we heard that Justin chose MakeSpace to store some of his timeless but seasonal threads, accessories, and household items, we celebrated the only way we saw fit—documenting their beauty in a photograph.

Peruse Justin’s bin above, which includes assorted beanies, a faceted wood bulb lamp, a backpack, a tote, a matching pant and jacket suit, and a yellow icosahedron lamp as unique as Justin’s charming personality.

We’re elated to be the extra closet space in the cloud for the man who helps dudes everywhere up their style game.

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