Finally! Furniture That Makes Assembly A Snap

Finally! Furniture That Makes Assembly A Snap Expand options

If you’ve ever spent time trying to make sense of the assembly instructions for a bed or dresser from Ikea, you’ll be able to appreciate the genius of SOAPBOX‘s line of snap-together tables.

The Asbury, New Jersey based company has completely abandoned screws and fasteners in favor of metal legs and corners that clamp to the wood. All you have to do is snap the pieces into place, and you’re done.

Besides simplifying assembly, the metal legs look great and come in a number of colors like white, black, orange, and green! SOAPBOX doesn’t just make tables; they’ve also got shelves, nightstands, and coffee tables.

New Yorkers who are constantly schlepping their stuff from one tiny apartment to the next will love how easy SOAPBOX makes moving. Plus, we all know that NYC Storage isn’t cheap, but these tables are easy to breakdown to maximize space.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how simple SOAPBOX furniture is to assemble:

h/t FastCo Design

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