How to Reduce Technology Distractions for a More Productive Workspace

How to Reduce Technology Distractions for a More Productive Workspace Expand options

Your cell phone buzzes with a message from your best friend asking for a favor. The ding of an email that you need to reply. A pop-up notification that you just can’t ignore. We’re all familiar with these situations, and we all struggle with ways to reduce technology distractions when working. Most companies started using technology at work to improve productivity. Unfortunately, these tech gadgets have turned around to become the ultimate sources of distraction. 

While working from home as an essay writer or a banker or a designer, it can be hard to escape this paradoxical swirl pool. 

Here are some tips to organize your workspace to minimize distractions. 

Disable pop-up notifications and sounds

A phone with notifications next to a succulent.


Nothing is as distracting as a pop-up notification or a ding from your cellphone while you’re smack in the middle of work. In fact, you’re more likely to start going through your cellphone if your notifications are enabled. 

You could also take it a notch higher by disabling all sounds. This way, you won’t be tempted to pick up your phone each time you get a buzz. 

Set a designated time for technology 

You could also set a special time for all your tech gadgets. Even if your phone begs for your attention, save it for your tech time. This way, it’d be easier for you to avoid tech distractions at your work desk and be more productive. 

Re-organize your workspace 

Just before you started working from home, you probably reorganized and decluttered your home to create the perfect work space. However, there’s a slight hitch. Your workspace is probably too close to the TV. So, each time your favorite show comes on, your ears perk up and you dash to catch a glimpse of it. 

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, you’d need to reorganize your work space and home. You could move your TV to a different room or reposition your work space completely. This way, you’d be more productive for most of the day. 

Use smartphone technology smartly

A man scrolling through his smartphone.


Smartphones are called smartphones because they’re literally meant to be used smartly. A lot of people use their smartphones to work and this sets them up for even more distractions because they get to see all notifications immediately when they pop up. To avoid this, you can set reminders, alerts or to-do lists on your phone. These would remind you to stay productive until your break time or the close of work. 

Exhibit good work ethic

If you’re constantly replying to emails or taking calls during meetings, it would heavily affect your work quality. To avoid this, it’s important to exhibit a good work ethic and leave such tasks in scheduled/stipulated time. 


Technology distractions at the workplace can be a pain. However, by creating a schedule for using tech gadgets and sticking to it, you could reduce the chance of falling for these distractions.

Author: James Baxter

James is professional ghostwriter, editor at write my essay and blogger, who loves sharing his experience and knowledge with readers. He is especially interested in marketing, blogging and IT. James is always happy to visit different places and meet new people there.

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