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How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet Expand options

Keeping up with your medicine cabinet. When bottles fall out or pile up, it can be challenging. This guide will show you how to make the most of your medicine cabinet so that your routine becomes a bit easier. Use these tips to improve and organize your medicine cabinet and its contents so everything you need is always within reach.

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Throw out expired bottles

Throwing out any expired medical prescriptions is always the best place to start. Check each bottle and box for any numbers that follow “EXP.” If they’re out of date, talk with your doctor. You might need a refill or a renewed prescription. 

Taking expired medicine may seem harmless if it’s not too old, but it’s better to get it refilled. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that medications become less effective and riskier after their expiration date. Taking any could cause unintended harm or not treat existing conditions.

Gather your vitamins

Vitamins can also have a place in your medicine cabinet. You may forget to take them every day if they’re deep in a kitchen drawer or a bathroom shelf. When you open your medicine cabinet to take your routine prescriptions, you’ll see your vitamins waiting for you. When taken every day, they provide essential health benefits like boosting the immune system or strengthening bones. Storing them with your other medications ensures that you’ll enjoy these benefits.

Organize by schedule 

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Taking your medications may become easier if you organize them according to your schedule. Make the most of your medicine cabinet by grouping your morning, afternoon and evening prescriptions. Use the shelf feature in most cabinets or cut cardboard pieces to divide the groups if there isn’t much room.

You might also use a label maker or a sticky note to label each group with their required dosage time. Even though you won’t see these notes when the cabinet’s closed, it immediately guides your eye to the correct group when you reach for your daily medications.

Arrange everything alphabetically

Alphabetical organization is a skill that works in the office and at home. Use it to arrange your medications for quick identification. If you’re not sure how to do that, brush up on some tips like starting with just the first letter of each prescription. When one runs out, you’ll notice the gap in your lineup and quickly call for a refill.

Add a lock

Depending on which cabinet you own, you might be able to add a lock. It’s crucial to keep medications away from kids and teens. Look into different locking methods to determine which would work with your medicine cabinet. It will keep everyone safer and prevent possible medical emergencies.

Get organized

Now that you know how to make the most of your medicine cabinet, start using these tips today. After you throw out old medication and rearrange what’s left, you’ll clean up the cabinet’s appearance and know where everything is with just a glance.


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