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How to Seasonal Swap—our favorite fall tradition.

How to Seasonal Swap—our favorite fall tradition. Expand options

Most of us have lots of stuff and very little space. And when the season changes, so does your wardrobe. Fall is here and you’re ready for sweaters, but your drawers still say summer. 

Enter–the seasonal swap. Once a season, store the things you no longer need—surfboards, swimsuits, and summer decor—and bring back the things you do—sweaters, skis, and scarves. 

Your favorite summer items go into hibernation, making room for cold weather gear.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to a smooth seasonal swap: 

1. Round up your warm weather stuff

Go through each room and find items you have no use for in the cold. Think shorts, beach towels or flip flops from your wardrobe. Cotton, light linens from your bedroom, and summer decor from your living space. Check out the chart below for recommendations for every room. 

 Pick a corner and arrange all of the past season’s clothes, shoes and decor items. Pack, label, and box up anything you won’t use for a while.

2. Swap out and stow away.

Move everything to an out of the way place—under the bed, deep in the closet, or in the attic. Storing away things will make more space for the next season, plus you’ll have more room to delightfully decorate and host your holiday guests.

But if you’re short on extra space, one perfect full-service storage solution is MakeSpace– now available in 24 cities (link). With MakeSpace, you can have your stuff picked up, stored and brought back to you whenever you need it. And everything can be booked online or in app, saving even more time.

3. Swap in for the new season.

You’ve made some space—now you’re ready to swap! Bring back that extra set of dishes to host holiday parties, or the festive decor that makes this time of year so special. Go room by room as you transform your home.

Heavy duty jackets and winter boots are ready for some snow. Warm rugs and linens make your bedroom cozier than ever.

4. Mark your calendar for the next swap.

Reverse the routine for your springtime swap. Spring call for a major refresh, so set your alarms and mark your calendars. 

And, a reminder–MakeSpace offers free monthly pickups and dropoffs for home customers, making the swap both convenient and cost effective. 

Happy seasonal swapping!


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Need storage? Moving?

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