mother and son looking into water well

Should You Buy a Home on Tap Water or Well Water?

Home buyers face many dilemmas, from what furniture to choose to what cable TV provider to subscribe to… to the...
By Gabe Nelson Jan 11, 2023

10 Earth Day Upcycling Ideas for At-Home Storage

Celebrate earth day by consciously upcycling your household items! Reducing our waste, even on a small scale, can help heal...

By Matt O'Dowd Apr 14, 2021

Trapped in a Self-Storage Unit—A True Story

For spooky season 2020, we asked MakeSpace customers if they had any scary stories about being trapped in a self-storage...

By Matt O'Dowd Oct 30, 2020

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklists

By Matt O'Dowd Apr 20, 2020

How to Seasonal Swap—our favorite fall tradition.

Most of us have lots of stuff and very little space. And when the season changes, so does your wardrobe....

By Matt O'Dowd Nov 15, 2019

5 ways to make the most of your 25 hour day

Who doesn’t want an extra hour to get things done? Enter daylight saving time—aka daylight savings time. This year the...

By Matt O'Dowd Nov 02, 2019
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