mother and son looking into water well

Should You Buy a Home on Tap Water or Well Water?

Home buyers face many dilemmas, from what furniture to choose to what cable TV provider to subscribe to… to the...
By Gabe Nelson Jan 11, 2023
air purifying houseplants

7 Plants That Purify Air And Make You Happier

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates Americans spend over 90% of their time indoors. And indoor air, especially in offices and...

By Guest Author Aug 23, 2017
Blue and white Pile cushions are stacked on a sleek steel coffee table.

This Isn’t Your Average Pile Of Cushions

Most cushions are only good for one thing, and that’s being soft objects for you to rest on. Some even...

By Molli Carlson Dec 17, 2015
A MakeSpace storage bin with a tiny succulent plant from The Sill inside.

We’re Giving Away Beautiful Tiny Plants From The Sill

This week we’re partnering with our friends over at The Sill to bring a little green to your New York City apartment. We’ll be giving away a few tiny succulents and one Philodendron.

By Molli Carlson Jul 28, 2014
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