Blue and white Pile cushions are stacked on a sleek steel coffee table.
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This Isn’t Your Average Pile Of Cushions

This Isn’t Your Average Pile Of Cushions Expand options

Most cushions are only good for one thing, and that’s being soft objects for you to rest on. Some even go the extra mile by being attractive. But that’s pretty much it when it comes to cushions and their limited powers. So, it’s time to introduce your tiny apartment to the plush multipurpose perfection that is Pile (pictured above).

At first encounter, it appears to be just a, yep, pretty pile of chromatic cushions/tatami stacked on a table. Until you unstack and rearrange the comfortable foam cushions, sexy lamp (no offense, BULBING Lamps, we still love you) and sleek steel table to create your very own …

Think tank

A man is sitting on stacked square Pile cushions and surrounded by a floor lamp, steel coffee table, and a footrest made of stacked circular Pile cushions.
Michal Blutrich

Classy wine bar

Square Pile cushions form tatami flooring, four circular Pile cushions form seats, and a metal table is storing four wine glasses and a carafe.
Michal Blutrich

Romantic date spot

A woman and man are sitting on circular Pile cushions that are on square Pile cushions, all of which is arranged to form a romantic date spot with a small steel table that's storing a tiny plant.
Michal Blutrich

Cozy reading nook

A thin black floor lamp is leaning over a seat made of circular Pile foam cushions.
Michal Blutrich

Big, comfy bed

A man with glasses and long blonde hair is wearing a circular Pile cushion as a neck pillow and lying on a bed made of square Pile pieces.
Michal Blutrich

The Leaning Tower of Pile

A skinny black Pile floor lamp is leaning over another floor lamp that's sleeping on the floor.
Michal Blutrich

… and any other piece of space-saving furniture that you choose to build. Because with Pile, the only limit is your own imagination. Well, that and the fact that according to Pile’s father, Michal Blutrich, Pile is a one-off piece that would cost “around $800 in a mass production process.” Until that happens, though, expect to pay “more or less double the amount,” Michal told us.

Sure, this multipurpose furniture package is pricey. But then again, having the magic power to make relaxing getaways appear in mere seconds is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Take a peek:

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